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You must be tired of your life. Never feeling safe. It's safety, Rick. Don't you want to be safe?
~ Lippman, as he is about to kill his old friend Ricky

Jay Lippman is the main antagonist of the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode "Yesterday". He is an engineer and chess prodigy who murdered three people over 20 years.

Character overview

Lippman attended Hudson University in 1983, and distinguished himself by leading the chess team and building a computer that could play the game. His intellectual abilities hide a darker side, however; he is a sexual sadist who is aroused by torturing, raping, and killing women.

In February 1983, Lippman drugged Sally Morrissey, his friend Rick Morrissey's younger sister, and raped her with a Coca-Cola bottle. A few months later, Rick helped Lippman pick up a young girl named Alyssa Cooney, whom Lippman raped, tortured, and murdered. He then manipulated Rick into burying the body in the basement of his mother's house. Lippman kept tabs on Rick, who had begun abusing drugs to numb his guilt, and knew that someday Rick would be either useful or a liability.

Years later, Lippman married a woman named Anne, with whom he had two children, and became a successful engineer. In 1992, however, his sadistic sexual urges began to resurface, and he raped, tortured, and murdered a prostitute named Lisa Messall. He told Anne that he had been having an affair but had ended it, and kept her in the dark about his sexual inclinations.

In "Yesterday"

When Rick's mother dies, Lippman persuades him to move Cooney's body, which had been buried in the basement for 19 years. When state police find her body, they alert Captain James Deakins, who had investigated her murder. He sends Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames to investigate, and they begin to suspect Rick. Fearing that Rick will lead the police to him, Lippman kills him and makes it look like a suicide. Rick's death arouses Goren's suspicions, however, and he begins to look closer at Lippman.

Goren eventually has Lippman arrested and, during the interrogation, makes him feel powerless by addressing only his lawyer. Lippman gives in to his need for control and begins interacting with Goren, who tells him that it took "grand mastery" to suppress his violent urges for so long. Lippman replies, "You have no idea", and then bursts into tears. He is then arrested and imprisoned for the murders.

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