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Villain Overview

Je Yeong-min (지영민 in Korean), also called Ji Young-Min and Young-min Jee, is a serial killer who targeted mostly prostitutes and rich neighbors and the main antagonist of the 2008 South Korean thriller film The Chaser.

He was portrayed by Ha Jung-woo.


Je had a criminal record when he changed for assault on his sister's son three years ago and it left him brain-damaged (Eom Joong-ho visited them and Young-min's nephew was scared of even mentioning Young-min's name when he pees) and tortured prostitutes and killed them and later murdered an architect who built the house Young-min lives in. Young-min would call to lured call girls and tortured them at bathroom.

His recent victim was Kim Mi-jin, who was a single mother with a young daughter who was hired by Joong-ho to lured the killer. but she is tortured by Young-min before he strikes her with hammer he used to beat his neighbors and victims with, and had notice the dog is thinner. She escaped from him but Je soon finds her and killed her at store when Mi-jin's pimp Eom Joong-ho learns she went too missing and noticed Yeong-min's shirt had her blood on it when he realized that Young-min was one with the number 4885. Joong-ho was himself as a former police officer who chased Young-min before he got him and took him to the police station where Yeong-min confessed the murderous crimes he committed. Joong-ho was tired but later  find Mi-jan, but it was late when Yeong-min was freed  for faking MPD after 12 hours as he soon tracks down and Mi-jan who went into hiding at a shopkeeper's home. Later, Yeong-min kills the owner then Mi-jan and took the body parts of their butchered corpses to his fish tank. After Mi-jan's death, Joong-ho confirmed that Yeong-min was going to leave the house and beat him as Young-min tried to kill Eom before Eom striked back at Yeong-min by hitting his skull just before the police stopped him and discover the bodies and remains Je's victims near his house. Yeong-min who survived from attack, was taken into custody by the police once again. Je was later also a painter who while in incarceration, draw dark and grim pictures.


Young-min is a dangerous and deranged psychopath who killed many people with hammer for sadistic pleasure and the joy of the kill.


  • Ji was loosely based off Yoo Young-chul, a real-life serial killer.
  • Before Ha Jung-woo was casted, Lee Jun-ki was the first choice to portray Young-min but he left for SBS television series Iljimae. Lee plays the main hero in MBC television series Arang and the Magistrate.
  • In Murder 2 which is the unofficial remake of The Chaser, when Dheeraj Pandey is based off him but unlike Young-min, Dheeraj kills women back when he was a cross-dresser, similarity shared by the Bride in Black.