Jean is a purple genie who appeared in the Season 2 episode "Meanie Genie".

She was voiced by Nicole Oliver who was best known for voicing Princess Celestia in My Little Pony.

She acted in an extremely rambunctious manner after Pac unintentionally let her out. She mentioned that she can grant any wish on Pac World but when Pac wanted to wish to see his parents again, she refused to grant it because they are not on Pac World (which might be further evidence that Apex may have something to do with that). As for the wishes she does grant:

  • 1. Pac wishes for a colossal sandwich and Jean drops it on him. Pac manages to eat the whole thing much to Jean's shock.
  • 2. Pac unintentionally wishes Skeebo (who was in love with Jean because she's as much a bully to Pac Man as he is) to get lost and Jean had placed him in the Pacopolis maze.
  • 3. Pac wishes that Lord Betrayus and his ghosts and monsters were banished from the netherworld and Jean purposely placed them in Pacopolis.

As it turns out, this was Betrayus' plan to have Pac release Jean. After the wishes were granted, Jean trapped Pac in the bottle she was imprisoned in and she went to create chaos. Sir Cumference manages to get him out and gives him a wizard berry to counter Jean's powers. Eventually she was imprisoned back into her bottle which was then shot into space. The bottle was then picked up by one of Apex's ships.


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