I see London, I see France, I see Coco's underpants.
~ Jean-Claude singing after Angelica reveals Coco's underpants.

Jean-Claude is one of Coco LaBouche's assistants (the other being Kira) and the secondary antagonist from Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.

He was voiced by John Lithgow, who also played B.Z. in Santa Claus: The Movie, and Lord Farquaad in Shrek.


At the beginning, Jean-Claude had Kira call Stu Pickles for him to come to Paris to fix the robotic Reptar after its head ended up falling off during a test performance.

Afterwards he attempted to get expensive chocolate out of Angelica's mouth with his arm, but stopped after Coco made a "deal" with her.

The morning before the wedding, Jean-Claude kidnapped Angelica and the babies at Coco's request and locked them away to the giant garage. When the babies escape by controlling the robotic Reptar inside, he gets in a giant Robosnail and tries to battle them. But Chuckie, who is controlling the robot, fought him off as Jean-Claude fell in the Seine River. He bursted into Notre Dame and told Coco LaBouche that the plan has failed, causing Chaz to realize who Coco really was and calls the wedding off angrily as result.

In the end, He was chased off by Spike the Dog.


KIRA! Madame LaBouche wants her Pickles, NOW!
~ Jean-Claude telling Kira to call Stu Pickles
I told ya to get the piranha.
~ Jean-Claude telling Coco she should had a piranha a in her fish pool when she sees Tommy and Chuckie in it.
Oh, I smell trouble.
~ Jean-Claude noticing Coco’s plan to dress as the Princess.
What do you think your doing? (Angelica: “Oh, I’m just um..., practicing tying shoes.”) Children are so easily amused.
~ Angelica trying Jean-Claude’s shoe laces together.
Madame! Our kidnapping the plot, has failed!
~ Jean-Claude accidentally revealing Coco’s plan to lock the babies up.


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