I see London, I see France, I see Coco's underpants.
~ Jean-Claude singing after Angelica reveals Coco's underpants.

Jean-Claude is the secondary antagonist of the 2000 Nickelodeon's 5th feature film Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. He is the right-hand man of Coco LaBouche.

He was voiced by John Lithgow, who also played B.Z. in Santa Claus: The MovieLord John Whorfin in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Eric Qualen in Cliffhanger, Burke in Blow Out, Earl Talbot Blake in Ricochet, Lord Farquaad in Shrek, Arthur Mitchell in Dexter and Lamar Blackburn in The Accountant.


Serving as the right-hand man of Coco as she runs an amusement park called EuroReptarLand in Paris, Jean-Claude was assigned in helping Coco oversee operations. When the robotic Reptar starts to malfunction after its head fell off, Jean-Claude had Coco's assistant Kira to call in Stu Pickles (the man responsible for providing the schematics of the mecha) and have him fly over to Paris.

Because of this, Stu brought in his family and friends to take a trip to Paris. When Coco catches the families' infants in her office, Jean-Claude orders Kira to escort them out from the office before informing Coco that she's due for a video meeting with Mr. Yamaguchi (the president of Yamaguchi Industries and the main sponsor of EuroReptarland). Upon being told that Mr. Yamaguchi is planning to step down and find a worthy successor as long as he/she can care for children (since they’re the main audience for the Reptar franchise, Coco lies to Yamaguchi by claiming that she's engaged to a single father with a child, to which Yamaguchi considers handing over the promotion to Coco after the wedding. As it turns out, Jean-Claude points out that Coco hates kids in general, just as Coco spots Stu's niece Angelica Pickles eating her chocolates. As an angry Coco attempts to get Angelica in trouble, Angelica (out of fear) admits that Stu's best friend Chas Finster is looking to date a woman so that she can become a loving stepmother for his son Chuckie.

Impressed by this, Coco offers a deal to Angelica: she will help her woo Chas into marrying her in exchange for becoming the flower girl of the wedding and receiving her own float and ponies; even Jean-Claude provided ice-cream to Angelica ensure that she sticks to her side of the deal. As such, Coco woos Chas, and upon hearing from Angelica that Chuckie is smitten with the princess character of the Reptar franchise, Coco performs the role of the princess herself when Chas and Chuckie attended the show. The event inspired Chas to declare on the spot that he’ll marry Coco, believing that she’ll be the perfect mother for Chuckie, much to the other families' shock.

Several days later, the wedding is being prepared at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and Coco spots the babies eating the leftover foods under a cart in the hallway. Noticing Chuckie holding his teddy bear Wawa, Coco grabs it out of his hands, causing the babies to collide the stand which accidentally break a vase before it nearly falls on top of Dil. Having enough of the babies, Coco orders Jean-Claude to lock them away inside the warehouse until the wedding is over, even betraying Angelica by having her locked up as well, revealing that she never intended to give Angelica a float or ponies for the matter. This act was witnessed by a horrified Kira, who is then ordered by Coco to burn Wawa while Jean-Claude escort the babies to the warehouse. On their way to the cathedral, Kira, finally realizing Coco's true nature, furiously confronts Coco for deceiving Chas and vows to tell him about the truth. However, Coco fires her on the spot and kicks her out of the limo before driving away. Once arriving at Notre Dame, Coco marches forward, but signals the singer to stop and begins the wedding ceremony.

Inside the warehouse where the babies are being held by Jean-Claude, a miserable Chuckie mopes over the fact that Coco is about to become his stepmother who treat him horribly, which drove an ashamed Angelica to comfort Chuckie and confess her involvement in Coco's plot before apologizing for it. This drive Chuckie and the other babies to take action in stopping the wedding. To that end, Angelica ties up Jean-Claude's shoelaces so that the babies can gain control of the robotic Reptar to escape. Not wanting the babies to escape, Jean-Claude gets in a giant Robosnail and tries to chase and battle them at the Paris where he manages to grab the robotic Reptar's tail. Jean-Claude sings "La donna è mobile" while swinging the robotic Reptar until its tail breaks, causing the robotic Reptar to be accidentally thrown at the Eiffel Tower. Afterwards, Jean-Claude confronts the babies at the bridge and prepares to ram them off. Fortunately, Chuckie, who’s controlling the mecha, fought him off by dodging his swings and simultaneously grabbing and pulling the Robosnail's right eye before releasing it, causing the Robosnail to spin uncontrollably and fall into the Seine River with Jean-Claude inside of it.

The babies finally made to the cathedral, where Chuckie objects to the union between his father and Coco. After climbing himself out from Robosnail and barging into the cathedral, Jean-Claude accidentally blurted out that Coco's plot has failed, prompting an angry Coco to call Jean-Claude an 'unemployed fool' for this. Eventually, Angelica steps in with the babies and confessed the truth about Coco's plot to everyone, which drove an angry Yamaguchi (who came over to the wedding in person) to fire both Coco and Jean-Claude for their actions. After Coco furiously yanks her gown to make Tommy, Phil and Lil fall on the floor, Angelica retaliates by ripping Coco's wedding dress, exposing her lingerie to everyone and driving Jean-Claude to mockingly sing about Coco's lingerie.

As Coco runs off crying in defeat while several tourists take pictures of her lingerie, Stu orders his pet dog Spike to attack Jean-Claude for trying to hurt the babies. Panicking, Jean-Claude runs off with Coco as he gets chased off by an angry Spike.

It’s unknown what happens to Coco and Jean-Claude afterwards, but given to the fact that they are fired, it can be implied that they were arrested and sent to prison for their actions or are forced to do other jobs.


KIRA!! Madame LaBouche wants her Pickles.... NOW!!!
~ Jean-Claude telling Kira to call Stu Pickles
I told you to get the piranha.
~ Jean-Claude telling Coco she should had a piranha a in her fish pool when she sees Tommy and Chuckie in it.
Oh, I smell trouble.
~ Jean-Claude noticing Coco’s plan to dress up as the Princess.
You babies are in trouble now!
~ Jean-Claude taunting the babies after Coco yanks Chuckie's teddy bear away from them.
My pleasure, madam! (Angelica: Get your hands off me, you big bully! What do think you're doing?! I'm the flower girl!) I feel your pain, Mademoiselle. Unfortunately, you just got "Da Boot".
~ Jean-Claude kidnapping Angelica and the babies by confining them to the warehouse.
What do you think your doing? (Angelica: “Oh, I’m just um..., practicing tying shoes.”) Children are so easily amused.
~ Angelica trying Jean-Claude’s shoe laces together.
Madame... our kidnapping plot HAS FAILED!!!
~ Jean-Claude accidentally revealing Coco’s plan to lock the babies up.
Bad dog!! BAD DOG!!! COCO, WAIT!!!
~ Jean-Claude's last words as he’s being attacked and chased off by Spike for hurting the babies.


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