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If six pounds of pure plutonium is powerful enough to change the balance of the world, imagine what five tons will do. It's very interesting.
~ Jean Vilain to Hector.

Jean Vilain is the main antagonist in the 2012 action film The Expendables 2. He is a martial artist, mercenary and international terrorist who leads a terrorist-mercenary group known as "The Sangs".

He was portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme who also portrayed Luc Deveraux.


Vilain is extremely diabolical, sadistic, selfish, egotistic, ruthless, murderous, fearsome and tremendously cruel and ruthless individual who has no regret at all of the villainous path he had chosen to take, and sees nothing more or less to reach his goals and to become rich from selling the would-be nuclear weapons, which means that he is also greedy. Despite his cruel personality, Vilain seems to be really calm and peaceful individual, but he does will kill any man who will stand in his way.


Early Life

Jean Vilain was born in Belgium on October 18, 1960. Nothing is really known about Vilain's past, however, in some point unknown, he joined the Foriegn French Legion, and after his military service, Vilain became a mercenary and an international terrorist leader as well as arms dealer, making weapons dealings in the world.

More than that, in another unknown point, Vilain had founded a terrorist mercenary organisation known as The Sangs, and wreaked fear, havoc and violence all over Albania and other countries. Before the events of the film, he had found out there is a huge amount of precious plutonium grade which weights 6 pounds at an abandoned Albanian mine, so, he started to kidnap children and men in Albania so they would work in the mines in order to find the grade. He did found amounts of plutonium, and sought to transform it to nuclear weapons and to sell them to the highest bidders in the globe.

Meeting the Expendables

Vilain is the leader of a mercenary group known as the Sangs. and he crosses paths with the Expendables in Albania when he captures their newest and youngest member, Billy "The Kid" Timmons. He then demands that they drop their weapons and give him the case with the coordinates to an abandoned Soviet plutonium mine. After the team drop their guns and give the case to Vilain, he has Hector hold Barney's knife to Billy's chest as he roundhouse kicks it into Billy's chest, killing him as the Expendables watch in horror, powerless to do anything about it. In so doing, Vilain becomes the vengeful group's primary target.

Finding The Plutonium and Final Battle at the Airport

Villain later finds the weapons grade plutonium he has been searching for in the abandoned mine and excavates it, intending to sell it to the highest bidder. After gaining the plutonium with Hector's help, he attempts to transport it by plane but is stopped by the Expendables and their allies, Trench Mauser and Mr. Church. To buy time for the plutonium to be loaded onto the plane, Vilain, Hector and his soldiers battle the Expendables and their allies.

Final Fight with Barney and Death

After Vilain draws Barney Ross to him, they engage in a short gun fight until Vilain runs out of ammunition. He then goads Ross into facing him in a fair fight and they battle each other in very vicious, brutal and violent fight with Vilain holding the upper hand throughout most of the fight. However, Ross finally defeats Vilain by beating him down with chains, Ross kicks Vilain and then orders him to get up as he recovers his knife, Vilain obeys and then Ross ties the chain around Vilain's neck and pulls towards the knife stabbing him in the stomach with the same knife he used to kill Billy. Finally, Ross cuts Vilain's head off and presents it in a bloody bag to Trench and Church to prove the villain is dead.



  • Actually, Vilain is based on Van Damme himself.
  • In fact, Vilain's fictional biography is the same of Van Damme.


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