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Jeannie is the main antagonist of the Tom and Jerry episodes "Busy Buddies" and "Tot Watchers".


Jeannie's a fair-skinned blonde with hair tied back into a ponytail with a blue bow with her bangs hanging down. She also wears a pink blouse with a burgundy skirt and black slip-on shoes.

Personality and History

Jeannie is an average teenage girl, and a student who quote-unquote "babysits". While George and Joan (the parents of the baby and Tom's owners) are out, she regularly relies on the telephone talking to her school friends about their dates and her own activities, rather than doing her actual babysitting which leads to Tom and Jerry doing the job for her. Tom and Jerry would both protect the family's baby from dangerous situations, while Jeannie, being the baby's negligent and irresponsible babysitter who was too busy talking on the phone with her friends to bother keeping an eye on the baby, would physically abuse Tom and would accuse him (and even Jerry in "Tot Watchers") for "bothering" the baby. In her final appearance, she eventually called the police so they can arrest Tom and Jerry whom they both claim to be "babynappers," until it was discovered that the baby started crawling out of the house, where she could eventually take the blame or not. She could probably defend the lines she crosses just to avoid being caught, in which the baby's parents end up giving in to her lies and false accusations in "Busy Buddies" and to the cops in "Tot Watchers", especially to consider that the baby was close to being killed due to her negligency.



  • Jeannie became one of the unfavorable characters in the franchise by fans, alongside with Tom's Owner from the infamous Gene Deitch-era.
  • It is unknown what happened with her after "Tot Watchers", as she never appeared again due to being given lots of negative reviews from the critics and fans of the series. Though the cop, together with Tom and Jerry, saw the baby crawling in the streets again when they were in the police car to the end of the episode, it is possible that this cleared the name of Tom and Jerry and the cop comes to the house to return the baby to his parents, and reported Jeannie for charges such as neglecting and false testimony, meaning that she possibly ended up being fired by George and Joan for jeopardizing their baby, was severely fined, and possibly ended up arrested.
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