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Jed Wright is the main antagonist and only psychopath appearing in the video game Dead Rising 2: Case Zero during the mission The Mechanic. He is a psychotic mechanic armed with a boomstick, wanting to kill all zombies and infected humans, including Katey.


Jed is an overweight mechanic dressed in dirty jean overalls and a welder's mask, with a gas tank taped on his back. His boomstick appears to be a pitchfork silver-taped on top of a stock-less Mossberg Shotgun.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

His problem with Chuck involves Katey, because he witnessed Chuck giving her a shot of Zombrex; Jed believed that this merely forestalled the inevitable, claiming if he killed her it would "make it easier for Chuck in the long run". Jed also talks about how she would be a perfect addition to his "collection" and how much fun he has had with the outbreak, killing zombies and how they're just like killing people, but "without all the legal hassle," and even boasts about having killed the man next door since he never liked him. Chuck holds off Jed while Katey runs out into the junkyard and hides.

After being defeated in the junkyard by Chuck, he reiterates that Katey's fate is inevitable and will happen sooner or later. And if he can't get her the government will. He stumbles against a stack of cars, causing the one on top to slide off and fall on his head, killing him almost instantly. With the psychotic mechanic dead, Katey is safe once again, and Chuck flees Still Creek with her.


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