Well, sister. This is it. Two things are looking pretty dim right now... My eysight... and your future!
~ Jeego, about to shoot Lynne

The "Nearsighted" Jeego is a minor villain from the video game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He is one of the assassins working for Commander Sith and a rival of Tengo.


Jeego appeared in the beginning on the junkyard, where he tried to kill Lynne for his boss. However, Sissel stopped him by making a heavy wrecking ball fall on him.

Basic Information


Jeego looks almost excactly like his rival Tengo, however he appears to be a bit older and doesn't wear glasses, despite being nearsighted.


He seems to be proud of the fact that, despite his nearsightedness, he is still perfectly able to take aim on his targets, as he makes jokes about it. Furthermore, he is loyal to his country.

Powers and Abilities

Jeego is very skilled with guns.

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