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Jeeves is a supporting antagonist of the DuckTales Reboot series. He is the bodyguard and minion of John D. Rockerduck.

He was voiced by Keith Ferguson who also voiced Flintheart Glomgold in the same series.



Years before the events of the series, Jeeves accompanied his boss John D. Rockerduck on his latest scam. After his supervisor conned the old western town of Gumption by nabbing a giant gold ingot, the butleresque minion would let Goldie and Scrooge make off with it due to workers pride after McDuck imparted his own mined earnings onto the statuesque manservant as a token.


Jeeves makes a cameo in "Moonvasion", where it was revealed that he and John D. Rockerduck were still alive as he and his boss' are working for F.O.W.L.

Jeeves returns in "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!", where he still continued his service as the aged Rockerduck's loyal vassal, even in a semi-reanimated state. While on mission, he would end up de-aged into infancy by the fountain's waters; after which his rejuvenated employer had to carry baby Franken Jeeves on his way out.

In "The Last Adventure!, Scrooge, Donald, And Della encounters the babyfied Butler as Rockerduck uses the reversed fountain of youth water to restore Jeeves to his original age, now as a rampaging monster bent on defeating Scrooge, his Nephew. Jeeves then gets defeated by Beakley under the guise of an Egghead as he gets trapped in a pile of sand, forcing Rockerduck himself to retreat.


  • Jeeves' physical appearance and muteness is an homage to the James Bond villain named Odd job.
    • Because of his steel teeth and possible reform, Jeeves is also inspired by another James Bond reformed villain, Jaws.
  • Jeeves' appearance in "Moonvasion!" loosely resembles a little bit of the Frankenstein's Monster.


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