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Don't you see I'm trying to help? Before there was war between classes. Customers and workers at odds. All I've done is create the new class. The consumer worker. The future. Right now your parents, your teachers, everyone you know is showing up to work at the fulfillment center and I'm afraid you are all going to lose the Bike Parade.
~ Jeff Bezos to Stan, Kyle and Cartman.
Alexa… Kill Kenny.
~ Jeff Bezos having Alexa kill Kenny.

Jeffrey Preston "Jeff" Bezos (born January 12, 1964) is one of the two main antagonists of South Park Season 22 (the other being Manbearpig), serving as the main antagonist of Season 22's final two episodes, "Unfulfilled" and "Bike Parade".

He is based off of the real life Jeff Bezos, he is the founder and CEO of Amazon who places an Amazon Fulfillment Center in South Park until a strike occurs and orders cannot be fulfilled, negatively affecting his business.

He is voiced by Trey Parker.


Jeff Bezos makes a deal with Mayor McDaniels to place an Amazon Fulfillment Center in South Park. The citizens of South Park enjoy the perks of the Amazon Fulfillment Center. The workers, however (including Stephen Stotch), do not, due to the dangerous conditions and low wages.

Some time later a worker named Josh Carter is attacked by a machine and ends up getting packed. Amazon has said Josh's accident was because of a human error. The workers then decide to strike, much to the dismay of Stephen, who is worried about supplying Butters with a bike for the Bike Parade.

The next day, the citizens of South Park realize that they have no packages. At the scene of the strike, Josh is interviewed, who is now stuck in a box, which cannot be opened or he will die. With the strike, no-one is getting deliveries, upsetting the town. Jeff Bezos visits Mayor McDaniels to speak about the strike. He explains that the customer is most important and, if orders keep getting unfulfilled, she will pay the price.

Stephen comes home after another long day and informs the family that, due to the strike, their Prime membership has been revoked, and they are now Amazon USDA choice. He then goes to pray that the strike will end so he can get back to work and help his family. This is seen through his Alexa by Jeff Bezos and the mayor. Jeff decides to prepare a bus for anyone wishing to return to work.

At the fulfillment center, the strike continues, and Amazon customers are protesting the strike because they want their things. The bus comes along and the strikers yell at the people on the bus. Stuart discovers Stephen is the only one on the bus and the strikers try to persuade him to strike, but Stephen refuses due to the bike parade. Inside, Stephen is the only one working, much to the dismay of Jeff. Stan calls him up and informs him that there are workers that can work at Amazon. Jeff then plans to send a bus out. He discovers during the call about the bike parade, and berates the mayor for not mentioning it, saying everything is important when it comes to the customer. The strikers learn of these workers and Josh leads them, telling them no-one will get into the fulfillment center, at all costs.

The next day, the citizens of South Park are pleased to realize that they are finally receiving the items they purchased on that company's website for the town's upcoming bike parade, where they hope to win first prize. Bezos observes this through Amazon Echo smart speakers. He has Josh kidnapped, and tells a group of small children that Josh's box holds their Christmas gifts, prompting them to rip it open. This causes his compressed organs to explode outward, killing him.

Kenny's father, Stuart, is angered that his son is not boycotting Amazon in solidarity with the strikers. As a result of this, Kenny becomes disillusioned with the commercialism in which he has participated, and tells his friends he will not join them in the bike parade, prompting their fear that they cannot win it without him. When the center's floor manager, Stephen Stotch, learns that Josh has been kidnapped, he continues to feel torn between supporting the workers and his family, especially his son, Butters, who is overjoyed to receive a new bike for the parade.

Stan, Kyle and Cartman go to City Hall to demand the bike parade's cancellation, but find Bezos sitting at McDaniels' desk. Bezos says that the parade was useful to him, as it increased local purchases at, and led all the townsfolk who wanted "fulfillment" to go to work at the fulfillment center. He orders his Amazon Echo unit to kill Kenny, because he sees Kenny's "socialist" activism as a threat. However, the entire town's citizenry shows up at City Hall, where Randy tells Bezos that they now all have "Tegridy", and have all quit the fulfillment center. The bike parade goes on as planned, with Cartman pulling Kenny's coffin on his bike, as the town returns to normal.



  • His appearance and telepathic ability are a reference to the Talosians from Star Trek: The Original Series pilot episode "The Cage".



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