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The historical story of Jeff the Killer from the creepypasta of the same name.


Jeffrey Woods before he became a psychotic murderer. (Cosplayed by Skylar Tourai)

Jeffrey Woods started out as a normal suburban teenager, living with his parents, Margaret and Peter Woods, as well as his brother, Liu.

At 13 years of age, Jeff and his family moved into a new neighborhood after his father received a promotion. Jeff and Liu were pleased with the outcome. Not long after settling into the neighbourhood, Jeff obtains an odd feeling in his mind, he chooses to ignore it.

A day later, Jeff and Liu get ready for school, going to an empty bus stop. While they waited, three kids younger kids, Randy, Troy, and Keith, approach the brothers and mug them at knifepoint, taking Liu's wallet in the process. Jeff gets the feeling again and proceeds to violently attack the three bullies, incapacitating all three of them and shocking Liu. Jeff and Liu flee from the scene after the bus approaches. The two manage to escape to school with no suspicion.

While it seemed they were in the clear, the next morning they are visited by two police officers, who explain that Jeff and Liu are accused of attacking the trio with no apparent motivation, even after Jeff tries to explain that they were being mugged, the police don't believe him due to witness claims that he fled from the scene. Jeff rightly takes the blame for the occurance and the officers conjure on the spot that he will be sentenced to a Correctional Facility for a whole year, but Liu steps in with a knife in hand and takes the blame for the whole incident, showing cuts and bruises on his arm to prove it. Liu is then taken away in Jeff's place, leaving Jeff into a depression.

After two days, Jeff becomes more and more debilitated with guilt and loneliness. However, on a Saturday morning, Jeff's mother insists that he should go to a neighbor's birthday party as she believes it will make him happy. Jeff reluctantly goes to the party, which shortly takes his mind off of Liu, making him feel slightly better. However, things take a turn for the worse when Randy, Troy, and Keith find Jeff at the party and confront him. The trio want a fight, but Jeff tries to reason with Randy, stating they’re even as he beat them up, and they got his brother sent to the Juvenile Detention Center, but Randy refuses to take solace in this, claiming he doesn't "go for even" but rather goes "for winning.".

Randy then proceeds to brutally attack Jeff whilst Troy and Keith hold the parents and children at gunpoint to prevent them from interfering with Randy's assault, during the fight Randy smashes a bottle of Vodka over Jeff's head, drenching him in alcohol. After Randy incapacitates Jeff, he constantly yells at Jeff to fight back, but after struggling to stand, Randy finally insults Jeff, telling him that Liu will rot in prison and that he should be ashamed of himself that he won't do anything about it.

This infuriates Jeff to get up and pile on top of Randy to the ground, striking a vicious punch to the bully's chest, causing Arrhythmia to his heart, which results in his death. Troy and Keith, enraged by Randy's death, begin to shoot Jeff, they fail to hit him as he runs upstairs. After the two run out of ammunition, Jeff lures them to the bathroom where he mortally wounds them.

During the struggle with Keith, a tub of bleach drenches Jeff, which Keith takes this opportunity to set Jeff on fire by throwing his lighter at him. With the combination of alcohol and bleach drenched on Jeff, it sets him ablaze, making it practically impossible for him to put out the flames himself, Jeff then falls down the stairs of the house and passes out as the flames engulf him.

Jeff wakes up in a hospital room with bandages covering his face and body, unable to move, he is visited by his mother, who informs by him that Liu is being released from jail after witnesses overheard Randy's confession that he was responsible for getting Liu sent to prison. Several weeks later, Jeff's bandages are removed, revealing his deformed face. Jeff's mother is terrified at the sight, but Liu and his father are simply stunned at the sight. When Jeff takes a look at his face in the mirror, he takes a liking to it, and when his family notices the behavior, the doctors mistakenly assure them that it is a result of the painkillers.

When taken home that day, during the night, Jeff's mother wakes up to find Jeff in the bathroom burning out his own eyelids and carving a Glasgow smile up to his cheeks. She realizes that Jeff has gone insane and knows he needs to be killed. When informing Jeff's father, Jeff overhears this and proceeds to butcher his parents. Liu wakes up from the noise and tries to avoid it by trying to go back to sleep, however, Jeff creeps into the room and tells Liu to "Go To Sleep", before plunging the knife into his chest. Liu's fate is then left uncertain.

Jeff then goes on a serial killing rampage, killing those who refuse to sleep at night, Jeff becomes infamously known as the "Ominous Unknown Killer".

Publication History

Creation and Development

Jeff the Killer was created by Australian Newgrounds user killerjeff through a news post. Stating that he found the image on his ED account and gives a background story on the character.

It was stated that Jeff the Killer is ghost game similar to that of Bloody Mary. The instructions were that you perform it in a closet with all lights in the room turned off, then you sit down cross-legged, repeat the sentence "He's in here with me." three times whilst turning your head back and forth, then close your eyes and call out the name "Jeff". Jeff will then appear in front of you and proceed to yell and try to chant harm at you. To make him stop is to stand there and compliment him, not doing so will result in a disaster.

On September 12, 2008, the creator posted the source of the Jeff the Killer image that he used to create it, claiming the face to be the aftermath of an acid attack.

On October 3, 2008, the creator uploaded a video on his (now terminated) YouTube channel, titled "Jeff the killer (Original Story)", the video explained the story of Jeff the killer and his brother Liu, using stock images across the internet to depict the character (NOTE: Due to the termination of Sesseur's YouTube channel, the video provided here is a reupload of the original. This is not provided by the original uploader.).

Liu is described as a well-respected individual who enjoys drinking with others. Jeff is said to have often teased Liu back in his mid-teens by wearing his glasses. Jeff is then described as a serial killer, as he kills people "in favor of the world" and is said to be "good with children".

The video then transcribes to an explanation of what happened to Jeff's face: it occured when Jeff was hauling a gallon of acid into his bathroom to clean out his bathtub, however he accidentally slipped on a bar of soap and the acid splashed all over his face. Fortunately, he was saved by his neighbor who called an ambulance after hearing his cries. Liu quit work that day to come and visit Jeff in the hospital after hearing about the accident. Jeff was said to have changed forever.

Derivative Works

On November 21, 2010, the Jeff the Killer emerged again on a YouTube video titled "creepypasta " go to sleep "". Depicting the image with song by Arcadia Libre; "Hasta El Ultimo Silencio" in the background reversed and slown. This time the image was photoshopped to include the headline "GO TO SLEEP", and is the first known instance Jeff the Killer is ever associated with Creepypasta.

On August 14, 2011, the Jeff the Killer image made an appearance on 4chan for a story, presenting the killer spying on someone in bed struggling to sleep. In this story, Jeff whispers to the person to "Go To Sleep" before hiding under the bed; the person silently panics before unintentionally falling asleep. After waking up, the person is immediately killed by Jeff, his eyes being the last thing they see.

On August 28, 2011, the well known Creepypasta was posted to the Creepypasta wiki by wiki editor GameFuelTV. The Creepypasta tells the story of a completely new different Jeff the Killer character, stylised as a 13-year-old boy who gets into a fight with several bullies and suffers deformity on his face after being burned alive while drenched in bleach and vodka. The story ends with Jeff going insane after waking up in the hospital and seeing his burnt face, killing his parents and brother and then moving onto killing others.

The Creepypasta became well-known among many Creepypasta readers. Soon after, the story was narrated by popular YouTuber, MrCreepyPasta; which lead to the video blowing up quickly in popularity, leading to the creation of an inexplicit fanbase. The story became recognised as the official Jeff the Killer by many, making Jeff the Killer a full-fledged Creepypasta character.

Fans created various Creepypasta crossovers to Jeff, such as Jeff the Killer versus Slenderman, as well as making various fan-favouriting Jeff, pairing him with other Creepypasta characters such as Ben Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Ticci-Toby, Laughing Jack, and even becoming a "Proxy" of Slender Man as well as becoming friends with MarbleHornets characters Masky and Hoodie. And often being associated with Marilyn Manson's remix of Sweet Dreams.

Some of the fans even made expansions to the Creepypasta, the most well known expansion being Jane the Killer, created by DeviantART user FearOfTheBlackWolf, a woman who views Jeff as her nemesis and kills those before he can, telling them "Don't go to sleep, you'll never wake up". Although her Creepypasta story was short, she became well-liked among the Creepypasta fan-base, and many created fan arts of her, even a full audiobook style written Creepypasta was created, showcasing an encounter between the two rivals. One fan of the character even a made Creepypasta of Jane's backstory and motivation for wanting Jeff killed, integrating her into the original story. Although the story essentially contradicts the character's nature (such as changing her surname from "Richardson" to "Arkensaw" and her age range to the same as Jeff's), the fan-base took it as canon, which made the creator of the character unpleased and later decided to make the character into an independent one, ridding it from the Creepypasta community.

Another expansion was Homicidal Liu created by DeviantART user VampireNote13, a story about Jeff's brother Liu surviving the ending in the original Creepypasta and obtains a split-personality, becoming a serial killer himself and contemplating whether to get revenge on Jeff or to spare him, the expansion also claims that Liu is the older brother even though it was never stated in the origin story which sibling was the oldest. This expansion was also the origination of where fans gave Jeff the last name "Woods" as Liu is given the surname in the expansion. Even though the creator made the story as a "what-if" scenario for a role-playing side project, and even acknowledged that Liu dying may have been canonical, a majority of the fanbase took her expansion as canon.

However, the Creepypasta itself was criticized by the community for its poor quality, it was even heavily protested that it should not have been posted on the Creepypasta wiki for not meeting the actual required standards. As such, it was taken down from the Creepypasta wiki a year later, however users constantly re-uploaded it, objecting to the idea of it being taken down due to it being one of the most popular Creepypastas at the time. In late 2014, the community finally agreed to the decision to take the story down from the Creepypasta wiki and moved to other third party websites where it can still be read online. The wiki has since provided links to where it can be read elsewhere.

In 2015, it was announced that a feature film of Jeff the Killer was going to be made by Purity Films, an page was made to raise money for the film. It sought 1 million dollars in donations and merchandise sales for it's budget, but only reached $402. Submissions were closed, and the teaser of the film was heavily criticized by many. It is presumed that the project has been abandoned as no update about the film has surfaced since 2015.

As a result of the Creepypasta being taken down from the wiki, a competition was held in 2015 to remake the story and create something based on the original, but more realistic and frightening that can be featured on the wiki. Former administrator K. Banning Kellum won the competition, however he had to cut the story down to half of it's size due to the contest word limit. The uncut version can be read on the Spinpasta wiki.

The remake stays true to the original Creepypasta with the same characters and with Jeff and his family moving into a new neighbourhood as well as a fight between Jeff and a trio of bullies, however, the result of Jeff's deformed face is different to one in the original Creepypasta. In 2017, Kellum decided to continue the series after an attempted Jane the Killer adaption was made by a fan. On August 15, 2017, the sequel Scars of Corruption was published.

There were also other internet users who tried to develop Jeff the Killer into a different character. One of the most popular being YouTube user MƦ. ƁЄƬƬƳ ƘƦƲЄƓЄƦ who made Jeff into more of a 90's style villain. In this version, Jeffrey Keaton starts out as a very tall man with pale skin, blue eyes, and a black trenchcoat. Once he becomes "The Killer", he gains the appearance similar to how the original Creepypasta depicts him, but his red-lipped smile is much wider, and his eyelids are not burned off. Eventually, Jeff dies and is resurrected, becoming a zombie, being a far more monstrous character than originally created.

The Creator's Response

In an interview with the creator himself; Jeff, (whom revealed that the character "Jeff the Killer" is based on his real life name) he was very unpleased about the direction that the fanbase took Jeff the Killer. As he never intended for the character to become a child serial killer, and the personality being completely different than how he intended. Jeff admitted that he was hoping when he first made the character back in 2008 that it would become a phenomenon across the internet, but when the character finally became popular in 2011, he felt insulted and found the fanbase to be that of anti-fame seeing as the Creepypasta story was practically a copy of the original one that he himself made in the first place.

For the longest while, Jeff believed that he did not get enough credit for the whole thing as people did not acknowledge that he was the creator of the character, but years later when people shortly started to realize that he was the creator and his original video became recognised, he got more appreciative. He hopes that in the future if Jeff the Killer becomes more popular, people will have a whole new level of appreciation for it and that more adult viewers will hopefully enjoy the character. Jeff says that with the help of the internet, he has formed a company that spots anymore derivate works for him on Jeff the Killer. He further mentioned that he intended for the Purity Films movie to be shut down for copyright reasons, whether he succeeded in this or not is unknown.

Jeff has stated online through his DeviantART that in the future he and his team plan to make a new completely new story arc for Jeff the Killer and that it will be more than normally be expected from the other stories. He hasn't hinted or given out any information about the project, aside from the fact that it will be an expanded version of the original story from 2008, and is hopeful that the fanbase will be "eager" for it.

Jeff has made progress over the years. Such as in 2016, where he gave out some more details surrounding the character's personal infomration. The details consisted that the Killer's full name is; Jeffrey C. Hodek, his middle name being "too embarrassing" to reveal to the public. He is 35 years old, stands at around 5'7" to 5'10", is Italian-American, has brown hair and green eyes, and is heterosexual.

In September 2018, Jeff released a journal entry on his DeviantART detailing events on his custom stories known as the "Sesseurverse", one of which being Jeff the Killer. The details expand his 2008 story, revealing that Jeff and Liu lived together as roommates and were popular among the townsfolk, Jeff did not have a job but Liu worked for them both and was happy to do so. The details also show that both Jeff and Liu went on to commit a decade of murder and even faked their deaths using Liu's influence, even after, elite bounty hunters went after them to take them down, forcing the two to flee.

In January 2019, the events of Jeff's 2018 details were also included in his Sesseurverse timeline combining all stories he created, detailing Jeff and Liu's date of birth and their first murders (Jeff being born in September 22, 1982, and Liu October 21, 1984). Jeff furthermore made a journal detailing the events in chronological order leading to the character's incident.

In June 2019, Jeff created a "mark 2" version of his timeline, which also includes the characters Jeff and Liu's part.

In July 2019, Jeff expanded the story furthermore in another journal entry revealing more depth about the Killer's disfigurement as well as his and Liu's life of crime. This is the latest he has made on updating the character, and still has plans to continue the arc.

Jeff often responds to anyone who asks questions about Jeff the Killer on his DeviantART account and is willing to give away details to this day.

Controversy on the Image Origin

In 2013, there was a very large controversial theory going around the internet surrounding the Jeff the Killer image. It was believed for several years that the image originated from a 4chan post on April 21, 2008, about a young woman named "Katy Robinson" who committed suicide after being cyberbullied, the centerpiece that motivated her to end her own life was a photoshopped image of herself that somebody posted, said image was apparently the infamous Jeff the Killer image.

When questioned numerous times about this controversial theory, Jeff himself has stated that the Katy Robinson suicide is a "bogus story", and that the Jeff the Killer image was a photoshopped version of an individual wearing a white latex mask that had its picture taken in late 2005.

It was later discovered by the internet that the image of the woman appeared in a YouTube video from May 4, 2007. And the Jeff the Killer image appeared in a japanese YouTube video from August 2, 2007. All of this is from a time before the apparent Katy Robinson suicide took place.

On January 2, 2018, 4chan users on the /x/ thread delved into the image's origin and found the first possible upload. The user discovered that the image originated from a Japanese website and was uploaded on November 16th, 2005. In the image's description is a link that provides a source to the source used to photoshop it, revealing that it was posted on September 10, 2005.

On April 18, 2018, the Katy Robinson suicide was finally debunked. Users performed some internet searches and found out that the girl in the 4chan post is actually a girl named Heather White; her image originated from a post in November 2004 on a TrueChristians website where she posted emails on the site itself. Information was compiled further, where it was confirmed that she did not die in 2008, as it was discovered that the she created a Twitter in 2009 and a Myspace in 2013, and through them they were able to discover that she is currently married, has children, and lives in Mallory, West Virginia.

Further analyzation was made to confirm if Heather White, was the actual face of the photoshopped image of Jeff the Killer. While the story of the girl posting on 4chan turned out to be true, the story of her committing suicide was not. Heather posted on the /b/ forum around 2005, asking if she was "pretty", publishing various pictures of herself. Various of her pictures were photoshopped by trolls in response, and it was widely believed that one of those images was the one used to create the Jeff the Killer image. Users went to the extent of contacting Heather herself, and she has confirmed that the image is not her, which has abundantly put this theory to an end.

Bottom line, Jeff himself has stated that the early photoshopped image, is in fact non-photoshopped, and is let alone an image he took in 2005 of a mask that is currently damaged, which he plans to repair one day. The infamous Jeff the Killer image is the only photoshopped one, and there was a third one that consisted of the person in the mask standing next to a bath tub with some flesh which has unfortunately not resurfaced.

In other media

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2015 Remake

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