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He's broken. You'll break too, and soon.,, You'll meet your end. Say Goodbye
~ Jega fighting Master Chief.

Jega 'Rdomnai, also known as Blademaster, is a minor antagonist in Halo Evolutions: Headhunters and a major antagonist in Halo Infinite.

He is an Elite Blademaster serving as a high-ranking member of The Banished and an Elite Spartan-Killer who has been killing Spartans in the Installation 07.

He is voiced by Noshir Dalal.



Jega 'Rdomnai was born on Sanghelios in February 19, 2490, eventually enlisting in joining the Covenant Empire as a custom for all Sangheili.

Halo Evolutions: Headhunters

As a member of the Covenant, he serves as a member of the elite Special Operations unit "Silent Shadow" and a Blademaster. He lost his left arm and left mandibles on a mission, replacing them with robotic prosthetics even though such a thing went against the dogma of the Covenant.

Before Halo Infinite

He would later join The Banished at some point following the downfall of the Covenant. After Atriox went missing in action and Escharum took power, Jega 'Rdomnai became a member of his inner circle. While the Jiralhanae and Sangheili had a long history of prejudice between the two species, Jega soon became one of Escharum's most trusted officers and a close friend of his. He was the first individual recruited by him into the newly formed "Hand of Atriox", special operations group whose purpose was to hunt UNSC SPARTANs.

In late April 2560, he killed Spartan Bonita Stone when she was exploring the subterranean Forerunner structures under Outpost Tremonius. Then, on May 15, when Spartans Theodore Sorel and Vedrana Makovich infiltrated the Banished excavation site at the Conservatory, 'Rdomnai ambushed the two, with Sorel being wounded by 'Rdomnai's surprise attack. Makovich urged Sorel to run ahead to locate the monitor of the ring, while she would fend off 'Rdomnai. Makovich died in the following duel against the Sangheili, while Sorel made a last stand deeper inside the facility, being killed by the Jiralhanae brothers Tovarus and Hyperius.

Halo Infinite

Upon discovery that Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 was still alive two weeks later, Escharum sent Jega to spy on the Spartan after the Blademaster was forced to restrain Tremonius. As more Banished members fell to the Spartan, Escharum ordered Jega to bring John-117 to him alive while Jega noted with concern his friend's worsening terminal illness.

Jega attacked and kidnapped Fernando Esparza in order to bait the Master Chief into storming the House of Reckoning after he and the Weapon disabled the Reformation spires. Witnessing Escharum smash a holotable in a fit of rage, Jega asked Escharum if there was a problem and he stated that he was losing patience with the Harbinger and demanded that Jega tell him that his mission was a success. Jega simply stated that the Master Chief will come to them and revealed that he had captured Fernando Esparza, much to Escharum's delight. Escharum ordered Jega to keep Esparza alive, but to have his fun as he deserved it. Escharum laughed as he watched Jega drag Esparza away. Jega interrogated and tortured Esparza.

Jega preparing to fight the Master Chief

After the Master Chief finally arrived at the House of Reckoning, Jega confronted him in a transport docked in the arena on the third level, using Esparza's holorecorder to lure the Master Chief in and trap him. Despite using his active camouflage extensively, Jega was ultimately killed by the Master Chief, finally avenging the several UNSC personnel that he had ambushed during the six-month-long Banished occupation. After his friend's death, Escharum informed the Master Chief that Jega had wanted to kill Esparza, but Escharum had promised him a sweeter prize or a warrior's death instead.


  • Jega is one of the only antagonists with no achievement tied to his defeat.
  • Jega's body cloaks upon death, a behavior not seen with any other active camouflage user in the game.


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