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It's jelly time!
~ Jelly Monster

The Jelly Monster is a one-time villain from the The Powerpuff Girls comic book series, only appearing in the issue, "Jelly Jam". He is a giant, monstrous jar of mutated jelly.


In "Jelly Jam", a cat burglar broke into The Utonium House and stole a jar of jelly so that she could use it to scoop up some Chemical X. She thought that she washed all the jelly out but little did she know, a little bit of jelly was always left behind no matter now thoroughly you'd wash a jelly car. When she scooped up some Chemical X, she absent-mindedly, mutated the jelly into a giant villainous jelly monster that went around, destroying The City of Townsville.

The Powerpuff Girls fought the jelly monster by using their powers on it. Blossom used her ice breath to freeze it, Buttercup used her fire breath to burn it, and Bubbles used her supersonic screaming to shatter it's the glass jar armor. However, none of these powers worked and the jelly monster just absorbed all of their powers and made itself more powerful. Buttercup bolted straight into it to try and smash it to death but this was also a fruitless attempt that got her stuck inside of the fruit preserve, where she was frozen and preserved. Blossom and Bubbles yanked her out and she was covered in jelly.

The Mayor took notice of the jelly monster's destruction, as he clumsily woke up from his nap and tried rang up The Powerpuff Girls, despite clearly seeing them already working on defeating the carnivorous condiment, as it terrorized a bunch of Townsville citizens by picking them up and eating them, which gained him even more power. The jelly monster was about to absorb the Talking Dog into its gelatinous gloop before Blossom swooped in to save it.

While Professor Utonium worked on a building machine that would destroy the jelly monster, The Powerpuff Girls went to a lumberjack camp and built a giant wooden cage to trap him in. However, the jelly monster just ate through the wooden bars and grew even more powerful. Just then, Professor Utonium came in with his newly invented laser gun, which he called his super-hyper-positronic-tachyon-distributor and he blasted the jelly monster with a gust of glowing flames. This was also ineffective as it once again, just made the jelly monster even more colossal and powerful. At this point, the once sizeable jelly monster was now larger than buildings and causing more damage than ever before. Scrapped for ideas, everyone worried about how to defeat the monster before Blossom and Professor Utonium collectively had an idea on how to solve this little condiment conundrum once and for all.

Blossom and Professor Utonium mutated a jar of peanut butter into a giant monster, who was good. The peanut butter monster faced off against the jelly monster and they got into a huge fight. The peanut butter monster grabbed the jelly monster and squeezed it in his grasp before both of their jars broke and they exploded in a giant blast of peanut butter and jelly, smothering the town in a bunch of sticky fruit preserve. As the smoke and ashes arose, a tiny little anthropomorphic jar of mixed peanut butter and jelly walked out, existing as an innocent, harmless, and adorable little creature, who didn't have a mean bone in his body. Professor Utonium wondered how such a thing could have even been possible and Bubbles stated that it smooshed.

The cat burglar responsible for everything was promptly arrested, while the PB&J jar went on to lead a life of good, working in the school cafeteria for Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, as the peanut butter and jelly that kids would put on their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.