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Jemoni is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star. Dressed in Arabian/ninja style clothing, he is a mercenary for Raoh/Ken-Oh and seeks to kill 10,000 people.


We first see him on a ruined highway interrogating some punks about seven scars on their chests and won't apologize to them. Jemoni then kills the three making his supposed tally 9,999 men that have been killed by him.

Jemoni then encounters Kenshiro who is traveling with Fudo, Bat, and Rin on the highway. Having sighted him, Jemoni hopes to make Kenshiro his 10,000th kill and become famous. Kenshiro knows the mercenary has no pity in his heart and must be killed. He then engages the Man with Seven Scars with his Taizan-ryū Kenbu Jutsu, giving a small scratch to him. When they clash again, Kenshiro stops him with a small kick.

Recovering, Jemoni believes Kenshiro is indeed worthy of being his next victim but is reminded of his limitations. To hopefully even the score, Jemoni takes out a second sword. Even with two swords, Jemoni wasn't able to make a cut on Kenshiro who punches his face.

At first, he didn't seem affected, and short of cutting Kenshiro down, his own swords suddenly turn on him. Before leaving, Kenshiro points out he struck the Ringa power point and that Jemoni himself would be the 10,000th victim of his own tally. Despite his efforts to move his neck away, Jemoni is decapitated, his final victim.

Powers and Abilities

Jemoni is a master of Taizan-ryū Kenbu Jutsu giving him agile sword skill. When he pulls out a second sword, it's called the Soutou Ken.


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