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Jenifer is the main antagonist of the eponymous segment of Masters of Horror. Despite her grotesque facial appearance, she is actually a demonic temptress that ultimately drives the men who pity her to their doom.

She was portrayed by Carrie Anne Fleming.


The story begins when policeman Frank Spivey finds a seemingly deranged man threatening to kill a blonde woman with a cleaver. The man tells Spivey that he doesn't "know what she is" and draws the cleaver. Spivey shoots the man dead to save his mysterious hostage. He comforts her, only to discover that while she has an attractive body, her face is monstrously ugly. Despite that, she seems to be affectionate and he becomes fond of her. However, Spivey starts to become obsessed with the monstrous being which takes a toll on his home life. It only worsens when Spivey takes Jenifer in, only for her to devour the family cat, bite into his wife's mouth, and scare away his wife and son.

Jenifer manages to keep a hold over Spivey while he is engulfed in fantasies of sexual activities with her. However, Jenifer shows her demonic side when she kills and eats a neighborhood child who tries to befriend her. Spivey attempts to rid of her by selling her off to a freak-show promoter...only to later find the remains of that promoter stuffed in the fridge. Spivey takes her to a cabin in the middle of the woods and starts a new life as a shop employee, hoping that he can keep Jenifer from harming someone else.

Unfortunately, the succubus lures the shop owner's son into the cabin cellar and devours him alive. She is discovered by Spivey who then finally elects to kill her. Idiotically, he pulls her out into the open woods where he is killed by a deer hunter who shoots Spivey to save Jenifer. The deer hunter comforts her and it is shown that the cycle will begin once more.


Being a demon, Jenifer has the telltale face of a monster with the pitch black eyes, deformed mouth and exposed teeth. Being a succubus, she has a model's body below the neck and uses this to her advantage. Despite her hideous and ominous appearance, Jenifer manages to stir pity from her future victims and draws them closer. She also preys upon their sexual desires, as she had done to Spivey. And unfortunately, this monster is good at this task.

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