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The world is changing. Your old idea of popularity—it's over. Nobody gives a sh*t about being hot, or slutty, or whatever the f*ck else you thought you learned from Clueless and Mean Girls. A storm is coming, Mackenzie Zales. I am bringing to Overland Park a force that will turn popularity on its head. What is cool will be uncool. The things that nobody likes will be the things that everybody wants!
~ Jenna Darabond

Jenna Darabond is the primary antagonist of Season 3 of the web series The Most Popular Girls In School.


Jenna Darabond is an older teenage girl with strawberry blonde hair that has a red streak going across it. She is of average height, similar to most of the other students in the school.


While seeming sweet and innocent around adults, her real personality is quite cunning and manipulative.


Her darkness begins when she witnesses Mackenzie Zales make out with her boyfriend Justin. Jenna hatches a revenge plan involving telling Shay about the news related to Mackenzie and Justin, posing as Ashley Katchadourian to make it seem like that she was the one supposed to be watching the door to the Girls' Bathroom, and burning down the Atchison mall.

She, at one point, has her nose broken by Brittnay Matthews due to being under the assumption that Jenna had blown up her car.

At the end of Season 3, Mackenzie reveals how she managed to get Jenna arrested and the latter is thrown into prison. And while in prison, Jenna gets a visitor, Tanya Berkowitz. Tanya stabs Jenna six times in the stomach with a knife before leaving her to presumably die.

In Season 4, however, Rachel reveals that Jenna is still alive. Jenna is finally, truly killed when she is ran over by the Mercenary cheerleaders' car in Episode 67 while recovering in the hospital.


  • She is voiced by Afton Quast.