Jenna York
Jenna York is the main villainess from "Flight Risk," episode 7.18 of CSI: Miami.

She was played by Jaimie Alexander.

Jenna is a flight attendant and a co-worker of murdered flight attendant Suzanne Grady, whose body was found tossed out with the baggage in the beginning of the episode. It was later revealed that Jenna was in league with corrupt federal air marshal Aaron Nolan, as she was helping him smuggle Dormal pills inside a neck pillow and sell them for profit. Jenna was caught with a few of the pills by Suzanne, who informed Nolan--while unaware of his true role.

After being warned that she could be turned in, Jenna found Suzanne sleeping off a hangover, and later drugged Suzanne with one of the pills. The villainess later dragged the unconscious Suzanne to the access hatch, where she dropped her and stashed her on the water ski case. While Suzanne was on the baggage mover, a sharp edge struck her head and killed her. Jenna stated to Horatio Caine that she was planning to render Suzanne unconscious so that her story wouldn't be believed once she was found with the luggage. Jenna was arrested for drug smuggling and for Suzanne's murder.