Jennifer Anne Paxton is one of the characters of the 2012 Video game Hitman Absolution. Jennifer is a member of an elite group of assassins called The Saints.


Jennifer is one of the second central villain of the whole game. She appears to be the antagonist and a minor character in mission 12, The Death Factory, she is seen torturing a old man, later they killed him immediately because of nothing and without feeling a little remorse. Later in episode 14, The Attack Of The Saints, Jennifer is the main antagonist, who will kill Agent 47, but failed Agent 47, immediately garrote's her or etc, it depends on players choice.

Not much, known about Jennifer's past, but all we know is she is a member of an elite group called The Saints, and a felon prisoner along with Heather McCarthy, but eventually released. She is an aggressive fighter, as seen in her file during the audition on recruting to be a member of the Saints in july 2007. She is seen having boxing with other girl but she is hired and became one of the high ranking assassins in ICA. She has a mysterious scar in her face, possibly a glasgow smile.


In the trailer, Jennifer wears a nun clothing, like black head cloth, a white piece of cloth covering over her face. In the game, she wears a nun head cloth but her clothing style seems to change.


She is a quiet and mentally psychopath, she killed many people without feeling remorse. She is dubbed as the hired killer.


She is excellent in combat, and possess enhanced agility, speed, reflexes and strength, she is expert strategist and an excellent fighter.



  • She is the very first Saint to be killed by Agent 47 in the mission Attack of the Saints.
  • Paxton bears a very close resemblance with Hollywood actress Natalie Portman.
  • Paxton has a glassglow smile.
  • Paxton had more appearance in the trailer rather on the game.
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