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Jennifer Carroll was one of the very members of the Order within the local town of Silent Hill, Maine and she along with her history was mentioned in Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. She also appears in the film.


Silent Hill (game)

Born during the early history of the Silent Hill area, Jennifer Carroll herself was one of the founding members of the Order in the 17th century and was accused of witchcraft. As punishment, she was burned at the stake by the puritanical citizens of the town in 1692. Considered a saint by the cult she helped establish, her tombstone stands as a monument in Rosewater Park, engraved with the words:

"What happened here shall never be forgotten".

In Silent Hill 3, a painting portraying Jennifer as a saint can be found in the cult's chapel. Below the painting is written:

"Unwavering faith under Death's blade".

Silent Hill (film)

In the Silent Hill film, director Christophe Gans alludes to Jennifer having been burned alive by the cultists seen in the film. A portrait of her being burned, titled The First Burning hangs in the Grand Hotel that holds the secret entrance to Room 111 that leads to the Sacrifical Chamber.



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