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Name Related to Relation
Henry Stillman Johnny Father
Millie Stillman Johnny Mother
Beady Eyes Duncan Matthew Grandmother
Becky Stillman Johnny Wife
Herman Duncan Matthew Father
Scotty Chirensky Andy Cousin
Kevin Woods Stanley Brother


After killing her 4 rapists, Matthew Duncan, Johnny Stillman, Andy Chirensky, and Stanley WoodsJennifer Hills is acquitted of the murders and writes a book about how she killed her rapists as revenge for raping her and becomes very popular. Henry (Johnny's father), Millie (Johnny's mother), Herman (Matthew's father), Beady Eyes (Matthew's grandmother), Becky (Johnny's wife), Scotty (Andy's cousin), and Kevin (Stanley's brother), became outraged, teamed up and decided to get revenge themselves on Jennifer Hills for their loved ones.


They begin their quest for revenge by kidnapping Jennifer and her daughter, Christy Hills. They managed to get away but they start going after them. Jennifer met Beady Eyes saying "I'll get you my pretty, and you're little girl too" (A parody of a famous line from "The Wizard Of Oz"). Then she meets Johnny and Millie and they take her to a church. There was a long fight and chase. But Becky ultimately killed Jennifer when she was looking for help in a church. They buried her body and spat on it (A reference to the franchise's title). When Christy found out, she decided to get revenge of her own for her mother. Her first target is Herman, she stabs him in the back with a sickle and shoots him in the head with a pistol. She then goes after Kevin and Scotty. She begins to have sexual intercourse with Kevin, but she was only distracting him. She went for her gun but decided to use a glass bottle instead. She stabs Kevin with it in the penis and testicles, leaving him to die from blood loss. When Scotty came to see what was wrong, she shot him in the groin, pinned him down to the ground and shot him in the anus, which the bullet comes out his head. Christy then goes after Becky and they start fighting. Becky nearly won but Christy managed to defeat and kill her. She then meets, Johnny, Millie, and Beady Eyes and goes to her mother's grave. When she says that she'll give her mother a real funeral, the 3 attack her revealing themselves to be revenge-seeking relatives of Jennifer Hills' victims too. However, Christy survived and kills Beady Eyes and Millie by bludgeoning, stabbing, and slicing them with a shovel. Henry, the last member of the group, kills himself by shooting himself in the head. The movie ends with Christy wearing the hat that belonged to Johnny then Becky, driving Henry's pick up truck with her mother's body in the trunk to take back to New York for a real burial like she said. Christy has succeeded in avenging her mother.


  • Henry and Millie hated their daughter-in-law, Becky who was the leader of the group.


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