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Jennifer Lopez appears in the "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" episode of the adult animated series South Park. She is portrayed as a villainous version of her real-life counterpart.


Jennifer Lopez is portrayed as an aggressive psychopath with no qualms about controlling the people around her with verbal abuse. After her label finally gets the opportunity to fire her, they state that she is a "mean spirited bitch, who spits on people for being poor". She is very ill-tempered, always demanding of others, and constantly rubbing her negative attitude on everyone around her. As a world-renowned music artist, she views herself as higher than everyone else. By making money from her career, she accomplishes her selfish and petty desires day to day in tunnel vision, without focusing on spending quality time with other people and being self-centered in the process. In her relationship with Ben Affleck, it is unclear if she truly loves him, as she has a very domineering attitude towards those around her.


Lopez appears in the episode "Fat Butt and Pancake Head". In the episode, Lopez is portrayed as egocentric and belligerant woman with an unstable temper. When a "younger" and "spicier" performer, also by the name of Jennifer Lopez, appears on the music scene, the executives of her record label are anxious to hire her. With this done, the label then fires the original Lopez, noting she is a "mean-spirited bitch, who spits on people for being poor". The dismissal and critique enrages Lopez, and, seeing that the new Lopez resides in South Park, she travels there with her boyfriend Ben Affleck to confront her replacement.

The original Lopez is naturally shocked and confused to find that the new Jennifer Lopez is in fact a hand puppet creation of Eric Cartman. She is enraged when the puppet insults her, and Lopez threatens to kill her and Cartman. Unbeknownst to her, however, Affleck is immediately attracted to the new Jennifer.

The new Jennifer Lopez begins work on her album, and starts dating Affleck behind the original Lopez' back, to Cartman's disgust, since Jennifer Lopez was just a hand puppet operated by his own hand that Affleck sincerely wanted to make love with. Again enraged, the original Lopez proceeds to attack Cartman's hand with a baseball bat, breaking several fingers in the process. This does not dissuade the puppet Lopez, and she continues to date Affleck, and the two even become engaged. This sends Lopez over the edge, and she chases down the new Jennifer with a chainsaw, intent on killing her, and Cartman.

The police, record executives, Ben Affleck, and Kyle, Kenny, and Stan, all chase after the two Lopezes (and by extension, Cartman), and are shocked to discover that the new Jennifer Lopez is, in fact, a con-artist named Mitch Conner, who commits suicide with a cyanide pill.

The original Lopez is arrested for assault and attempted murder, and after being released ends up working at a fast-food taco place.

Lopez is one of the few celebrities who does not appear in the episodes 200 and 201. Instead, Mitch Conner appears again, posing once more as Jennifer Lopez.



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