Jenny is the main antagonist in the Disney's 2012 live action film, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta.

She was portrayed by Briana Lane.

Role in the film

At the beginning, she was shown to be perky and punctual. She is the teacher at the dog school in the hotel. Jenny was seen as a good role model for the puppies.

However, Jenny turned out to be a double-agent for Mr. Montague, the manager of the rival hotel of the one where the film took place. Papi notices it as he saw them talking behind the gate. Later, she stole some important documents in the manager's office, but as the manager came in, they blamed Papi for ruining his office.

The next morning, Papi and Pedro caused her to trip and fall into a puddle of peanut butter and getting licked by several dogs after Papi yelled "Free peanut butter!" (similar to Home Alone 2 when Harry and Marv get covered in bird seed which made the pigeons attack them). The manager finds the document from Papi and fired Jenny for helping Mr. Montague doing bad things inside the hotel. In the end, she was carried and arrested by the police, aling with Oscar.


  • She is the only female to be the main antagonist in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua franchise while in both previous film they are all males.


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