Jenny (Daddy Day Care)


Jenny (real name: Jennifer) is the (former) secondary antagonist of the 2003 comedy movie Daddy Day Care. She is the former assistant of Miss Harridan.

She was portrayed by Lacey Chabert.


Jenny was the former assistant of Miss Harridan, headmistress of Chapman Academy, who tried to shut down Daddy Day Care.

In one such occasion, in the Rock For Daddy Day Care festival where Daddy Day Care tried to earn enough money to move the kids to a bigger place, Jenny helped Miss Harridan ruin the festival, which causes the temporary downfall of Daddy Day Care.

But later on after Charlie Hinton and his friend Phil quit work to restart Daddy Day Care, Chapman is shut down in the process. Jenny became kind-hearted and gets a new job at Daddy Day Care, while Miss Harridan is now a crossing guard.


  • Despite her reformation at the end of the film, and the fact that she now works for Daddy Day Care, she did not appear in the sequel Daddy Day Camp, neither was she mentioned in said film, so her fate is unknown.