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Jennifer "Jenny" Bradley (formerly Midgeley) is a character in the soap opera Coronation Street and is the daughter of the infamous Alan Bradley. She appeared from 1986 to 1991, in 1993, and returned in 2015. She became villainous around 1993 when she wanted to extort money out of Rita, and in 2015 was a more tragic character when suffering a breakdown and trying to kidnap her boyfriend's son after the loss of her own child years before. She returned as a redeemed character in 2016, and became one of the central characters on the show.

She is portrayed by Sally Ann Matthews, who is due to make another return to the series.


Jenny Bradley made her debut as a papergirl working for Rita Fairclough at the Kabin. In 1986 she received the devastating news that her mother was killed in a car accident. Rita fostered Jenny, and her father Alan Bradley turned up on the street.

Although Alan seemed nice, he showed a far darker streak and in 1989 tried to kill Rita when she caught him trying to defraud her. Alan met with Jenny to collect money, but was arrested and brought into custody. Alan was released from prison after serving several months and began to harass Rita. Despite Jenny's love for Rita, she still loved her father and felt conflicted. When Rita went missing, the residents of Coronation Street suspected Alan murdered her and dumped the body on a building site he was working for, which led to it being investigated by police and Alan lost his job for the disruption. Jenny took pity on her father and was angry at the residents for being hostile even though he did his time.

Alan was killed when he tracked Rita down to Blackpool and was hit by a tram chasing after her. Jenny left the Street in 1991, but returned briefly two-years later when she attempted to get money out of Rita in order to set up a hairdressers. Rita gave her some money, but warned Jenny never to darken her doorstep again.

Sometime later Jenny got married and had a child named Tommy in 2008, however he was killed in 2013 when he drowned in a swimming pool which devastated her.

In 2015 she got talking to her former neighbour Kevin Webster online and they met in a bar and enjoyed catching up. They wanted to see more of each other but Jenny was hesitant returning to Coronation Street due to what happened the last time with Rita.

Jenny wasn't stable however, and Kevin's young son Jack reminded her too much of her late child. After having a breakdown, she abducted him but was later arrested and sectioned.

Jenny returned in 2016 after being released, and came back to Coronation Street. Although her neighbours weren't trustworthy of her, Jenny proved to Kevin she had changed, especially after saving Jack from being knocked down by a car in Blackpool. She got a job at the Underworld factory and entered into a relationship with her boss Johnny Connor, must to the disapproval of his family, although the pair of them didn't care as they were happy together. They later got engaged and married in 2017.

Johnny and Jenny's relationship was tested when Johnny went through severe grief after his son Aidan committed suicide, and blamed Jenny for the incident as her and Aidan didn't get along. After Johnny's mental wounds began to heal overtime, he reconciled with Jenny and later bought the Rovers Return, which they began to run together.