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Jennifer "Jenny" Peterson is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 dark comedy crime movie The Happytime Murders. She was the only former human cast member of the once popular all-puppet children's television show The Happytime Gang, Sandra's right-hand woman and lover, and the former lover of fellow former TV personality Larry "Shenanigans" Phillips' younger brother, Phil Phillips.

She was portrayed by Elizabeth Banks, who also played Rita Repulsa in the 2017 Power Rangers film and Jaina Jansen in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


After the recent murder of former Happytime via drive-by shooting in front of him as Lyle became another victim to the Happytime Gang slayings, went down to see Jenny, his ex-girlfriend and the TV show's only human cast member, at a puppet strip club in Los Angeles, California where she is now employed. Phil is unable to protect her when her car explodes apparently killing her. The police see Phil fleeing the scene and suspect him to be responsible for those murders.

Later, Phillips' former partner, LAPD's homicide detective Connie Edwards is suspended from duty, and now finds Phillips' secretary Bubbles to ask for help in order to Phillips' innocence. They break into the apartment room of Phillips' enigmatic but sultry client Sandra White in LA and came across a hidden room filled with plans for the deaths of the Happytime Gang and a conspiracy against Phil. Edwards notices a picture of the puppet Mr. Jakoby who Phillips accidentally shot years ago when they were regular police officers together before he was off the force and realizes that Sandra is his only daughter, and that she is out for vendetta against Phillips. Bubbles sees a tape recorder and presses the play button, which ignites a fire destroying all the evidence. Edwards breaks Phillips out of jail and drove an ambulance truck to stop Sandra. Phillips and Edwards get to the airport where Sandra is planning to escape with all the royalty money. Phil apologizes for killing Mr. Jakoby, saying it has haunted him ever since, and asks why the Happytime Gang had to die. Sandra says she wanted Phil to drown in anguish as payback for her father's death. It's later revealed that Jenny is alive, having faked her own death in the car fire and is in cahoots with Sandra, who is also Jenny's wife, but Sandra knocks Jenny out to take the money for herself after Philips reveals her true history.

After Sandra was shot down, Jenny was apprehended by the authorities and taken to jail for all time.


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