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He was tall, he had a beard and a brown jacket. I tried to stop him, but he was bigger than me, and he said he would kill me, too, if I didn't stand very still and be quiet.
~ Jenny Reynolds' usual fabrication of testimony after committing a murder and playing innocent

Jenny Reynolds is a minor antagonist of American Horror Story: Asylum, shown only in "The Origins of Monstrosity". She is a mentally unstable and sociopathic child who was sent to Briarcliff Manor because of the murder of her friend, and soon became a hot potato for Sister Jude because Briarcliff lacks a kind of ward for children.

She is portrayed by Nikki Hahn.


Jenny Reynolds, according to her mother, was a strange child born to be emotionless, and had never cried ever since she was born. Because of the reason, she was feared by other children, all but one named Josey, who befriended Jenny. However, Jenny soon stabbed Josey in the back and lied to her mother and the police that they were attacked by an adult, who killed Josey and threatened Jenny to stay quiet. However, Jenny secretly kept some of Josey's hair as her collection, which was discovered by her mother.

Horrified by the behavior and action of her daughter, Mrs. Reynolds was afraid to send her own child to the police, so she brought Jenny to Sister Jude, hoping Briarcliff Asylum would find a clue. Sister Jude immediately rejected the offer, stating that Briarcliff did not have a children's ward, but Mrs. Reynolds deserted her daughter there anyway. Disturbed by Jenny's un-childlike behavior and dissonant serenity, Sister Jude sent her to Sister Mary Eunice (who was possessed by the Devil, unbeknowest to Jude at the time) for help.

The Devil, who possessed Sister Mary Eunice, invited Jenny to the kitchen and revealed her true identity to her, saying she knew Jenny killed her friend, and she knew everything because she was the Devil. The Devil then claimed that she pitied Jenny because she believed all Jenny wished was to make everyone like her, before telling her about Sister Mary Eunice's bullied past, and finally making Jenny to chuckle after informing her that Sister Jude was just a hypocrite. Gaining Jenny's full trust, the Devil soon convinced Jenny to be whatever she wanted to be, since she was stronger that everyone thought, and showed Jenny with her kitchen knife as a cue.

The Devil soon deceived Sister Jude that Jenny had no mental disfunction, and Sister Jude informed Jenny's family to take the girl back home. Jenny was soon sent out of Briarcliff. Next day, Jenny killed her entire family with the knife that the Devil gave her. When the police arrived, Jenny used the very same false testimony to deceive them. After getting away with the murder, Jenny kept her family's hair as her collection.

It remains unknown what happened to her afterwards.


  • Jenny is speculated to be a homage to Rhoda Penmark from The Bad Seed.


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