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Robert Jacobs... Why are you so reluctant to serve your country in its time of need?
~ Jeong to Jacobs being subdued by a pair of KPA soldiers.

Jeong is a Korean MP stationed in Montrose, Colorado, and a villain in Homefront (2011).


By 2027, two years after the Korean occupation of the Western half of the United States, in Montrose, Colonel-Commandant Jeong has two soldiers of the Korean People's Army mastered Robert Jacobs in his home and Jeong asked Jacobs why he did not enlist in the KPA's military to serve his country. Jacobs is sent into a bus a few minutes before the Resistance rescued him.

Later, in the labor camp, after a firefight, three Resistance fighters; Jacobs, Connor Morgan and Hopper Lee hid in a grave of corpses when Jeong and both KPA soldiers are looking for them. Jeong ordered the soldiers to shoot the grave, only to no reaction. He goes back to his helicopter to continue seeking.

Following the Battle of San Francisco, it's unknown what later happened to Jeong.

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