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Jeremiah Peet is the secondary antagonist in the 2001 horror movie Bones.

He was portrayed by Clifton Powell.


Jeremiah Peet used to be Jimmy Bones's friends, since they were kids.

Jeremiah wanted to make money to leave the neighborhood, as he got fed up living in Bones' shadow and he wanted to make his own money. He invited Eddie Mack and Lupovich to meet with Jimmy however, Jimmy was interested in their offers and negotiations turned bad when they shot Jimmy. Jeremiah reluctantly took part in stabbing Jimmy who begged him for help but Jeremiah told him that he had to survive, which caused Jimmy to spit blood on him for his betrayal.

After Jimmy's death, Jeremiah took control of the neighborhood and allowed drugs into the neighborhood as long he got paid. His actions ruined the area but he was able to achieve his goal of being wealthy and leave like he wanted. At some point, Jeremiah fathered two sons and became a stepfather to an unknown woman.

Years later, one of Jeremiah's sons, Patrick, brought the house and he demands to leave the house and the neighborhood. Later, Patrick confronts his father on if him murdering Jimmy Bones. Jeremiah may or may not have gave his son the answer.

Later, Jimmy shows up and takes Jeremiah back to the building. After watching Jimmy sending the souls of Mack and Lupovich to hell, Jimmy turn to punish his former friend. Jimmy tortures Jeremiah by pulling him in and out of hell, as the latter tries to tell him what he wanted back then. However, this doesn't please Jimmy who becomes angrier at every moment, Jeremiah then pleads with him by asking what he wants. Jimmy asks if he can give him back his life but Jeremiah states he can't. Now done with him, Jimmy begins to push Jeremiah back to hell to rot and says to him, "Dog Eat Dog Brother. Dog Eat Dog."

Much later, Jeremiah is seen tortured as his son Patrick finds him and he begs him for help but the latter can't and Jeremiah is pulled back in the torment.


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