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Jeremiah Sand is the main antagonist of the 2018 film Mandy. He is the leader of a religious cult called Children of the New Dawn.

He was portrayed by Linus Roache.



According to the track "My Journey", his real name was Jeremy Rygard, who is "long dead now" as he puts it, and came from a rich family in San Diego, His father was a hedge fund manager and his mother was a failed-actress who only appeared in one soap opera. His parents showed no love for him, he suffered abuse from his mother, having locked him in a dark room at the age of seven years old. With his father trying to reason with her about the punishment to no prevail, making him a "son of fools who have no idea how to live", making him vow to never be like his parents.

He formed a new clique called "The Live to Tell" in his school where the initiation was to bite off the head of a grasshopper and drink the blood of the members. His first lover was a girl named Denise Sable, who left him later on. He poisoned both of his parents, one in his mother's drink which lead her to an aneurysm and another one smeared on his father's golf club handle. He was given an inheritance from the death of his parents. He then went to San Francisco where he met a Jazz musician named Clarence, who wanted nothing to do with him and had his men attack Jeremy. That night, he became Jeremiah Sand as Jeremy Rygard died that night. He then fled to Los Angeles and recorded the album "The Weeping Maze" where he started doing drugs with Jake "The Rake" Johnson, who got them from an alchemist named "The Minister".

When the record was released, it failed and it left him in a dark place, dreamt about The Minister. The next day, he sought him out and gave him a new drug. Once he took the new drug, he became a new person. He believes that God has empowered him and tells him that the world is his and he must become the leader. His first meeting was a church meeting that he crashed, one woman named Marlene found him enticing and vowed to honor him and serve him for eternity and then she introduced him to her brother Ned Swan, who wept when he saw him. More people joined them as well. As such, The Children of the New Dawn was born.


Now with new members Sister Lucy, Brother Klopek, Brother Hanker and Brother Lewis, Jeremiah and his cult travel to the Shadow Mountains with the drugs given to them by The Minister. Jeremiah spots a woman named Mandy Bloom, who works at the gas station, and he decides that he wants her to himself. He gets Brother Swan to summon a biker gang called the Black Skulls to capture Mandy, giving them Brother Lewis in return. They arrive at Mandy's home and capture both Mandy and her husband Red Miller. Jeremiah tries to seduce her with his music, drugs and his life story, only for her to laugh at him in front of his cult, leaving him humiliated. Seeking revenge, Sand stabs Red, who is tied and gagged with barbed wire, then burns Mandy alive in front of him.

Jeremiah and the Children then builds a church for him. However, Red goes on his mission of vengeance and kills the Black Skulls and most of the Children with the exception of Sister Lucy, Jeremiah was confronted by Red, who crushes his skull after Jeremiah pleads him to spare his life. Afterwards, Red burns down the church with him and the beheaded Mother Marlene in it.


Jeremiah Sand first appears feared and powerful towards his cult, but when he was humiliated by Mandy and was about to be killed by Red, he reveals himself to be a spineless, insecure coward who would do anything to live, even pleading for his life.


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