Jeremy is the main antagonist of "Blanche's Little Girl", the fourteenth episode of the third season of the hit sitcom The Golden Girls where he was portrayed by Joe Regalbuto.

At some point before the episode, Blanche's daughter Rebecca began seeing Jeremy, and because she was overweight, Jeremy saw her as a perfect victim to insult constantly and she would not do anything about it. In addition he made her think she needed him and that no other man would be with her, when in reality he needed her as she's the only one who would stay with him because of his remarks.

Shortly after making amends with her mother Blanche after four years, Rebecca introduces Jeremy to her, as well as to Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia, and he almost immediately keeps insulting Rebecca in front of the girls, to the point where Dorothy nearly yells at him but Blanche stops her. Blanche pretends to be happy for the couple but cries upon hearing that Becky is engaged to a man like Jeremy. After Jeremy once again insults Becky, Blanche snaps and talks with her daughter, trying to convince her that he is not the right man, but she leaves with Jeremy (who has her carry the luggage) to the airport. However, realizing with Blanche said was true, she soon leaves Jeremy.