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You know what, Tom? You and I ain’t so different. We both need a guy like Ben to have what we want in life.
~ Jeremy.

Jeremy The Germ is an evil virus that brainwashes people and the mayor antagonist in Talking Tom and Friends, serving as the main antagonist in the Jerminator saga, and an anti-hero in the end of the world saga.


Season 1

Jerminator 1

Meanwhile Ben searches for answers for Hank’s sickness, he searches for Jerms and kills them all except Jeremy, Jeremy appears as a friendly Jerm, but Ben tries to warn his friends that Jeremy is lying. Yet that’s unsuccessful, Ben has no other choice but to splash him in the toilet. Soon Ben’s friends discover that they’re sick and believe Ben. But Jeremy is still somewhere underground and is preparing for revenge.

Jerminator 2

===Season 3===