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The few for the many.
~ Jericho Swain's philosophy.
Those who cannot see the future have no place in it.
~ Jericho Swain
I have the vision to see what others cannot. The monsters of today will be the heroes of tomorrow. And by my hand will Noxus rise once more.
~ Jericho Swain

Jericho Swain, also better known as Swain or the Noxian Grand General, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

The visionary ruler of Noxus, Swain seized control of the empire aided only by an ancient demonic power and his own ruthless determination and cunning. Commanding his armies from the front lines, Swain is willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to save the world from a coming darkness only he can see.

The 61st champion added to the game, Swain was released on October 5, 2010, and was later reworked on February 7, 2018. Commonly played in the mid lane, Swain's abilities made him popular to play in other lanes like Support.

He is voiced by James Faulkner, who also portrayed Randyll Tarly in Game of Thrones, T.O.M. in The Turing Test, and King Arthur in Tales of Arcadia.


I have learned enough to detest all men. Only nations may be revered.
~ Jericho Swain


Born to a family of Noxian nobles, Swain was raised in privilege and prestige under the regime of Boram Darkwill. Swain remained loyal to Darkwill, executing members of a cabal who planned to kill the emperor (including his own parents) before being granted a commission in the army for his loyalty and help. On the battlefield, Swain learned of the equality among the soldiers, even with the looming darkness after every battle. Though his own reputation was gained in battle, greed, bloodlust, and the senile Darkwill were slowly bleeding Noxian forces dry.

The Invasion of Ionia

When Noxus' armies invaded Ionia, Darkwill demanded that the soldiers veer off course from fighting and seek for a artifact to cure his own mortality. With his army weakened over time, Swain's forces were eventually ambushed at the Battle of the Placidium, with his army crushed and himself gravely injured. At the verge of death, Swain was visited by a demonic force in the form of a crow (later named Beatrice) that showed him the truth behind Noxus, that the old Darkwill was just a puppet from a pale woman that controlled his beloved nation behind the curtains and had deceived him and sent him into certain death. However, despite the loss of his arm and a limp, Swain survived this attempt and was now curious to find the ancient evil that dwells within the walls of the Immortal Bastion and the demon that his parents were looking for before their demise.

Grand General of Noxus

Later dismissed from the army for his failure and his crippled state, Swain discovered the ancient entity inside the Immortal Bastion, and learnt to wield it for his own use. After years of preparation, Swain gathered enough allies to launch a full-scale coup against Darkwill's regime, using his newfound power to kill the decrepit emperor, blazing him in a scarlet-red thunder, leaving nothing but an empty throne behind. Taking charge of the empire, Swain did away with the idea of emperors and installed a Council of Three to lead the nation, selecting Darius and an unknown figure to be the other two members of his Trifarix. Honoring those who serve the empire, Swain currently desires knowledge and power for the good of Noxus, and will do anything in his power to make his vision for the nation a reality.


In game, Swain fills the role of a battlemage-type character, using powerful demonic magic. Swain can use Ravenous Flock allows Swain to either gather soul from enemies or have his crows do it, fire bolts of magic with Death's Hand, revealing an area around him as well as delivering a debuffing explosion with Vision of Empire, launch a wave of crows with Nevermove, and free the demonic figure inside of him to drain enemies of their HP and fire a "Demonflare" of energy with Demonic Ascension.


Some men cast a shadow greater than themselves, but few could bring a darkness such as this, one that circled above us and hungrily cawed.
~ General Granth describes Swain in "The Black Powder Plot".

Unlike other tyrants or authoritarian figures in the game, Swain is the one with most morally grey personality, talking about how his actions can be seen as both sides of good or evil depending on the viewer. As all Noxians, Swain truly believes how every living being can arise to power depending on their inner strength, not mattering were they belong or their political status. He is an extremely polite yet sarcastic figure who can be viewed as the ideal leader from a society that encourages the inner strength of men. 

However, as many types of his kind, Swain is also an expansionist jingoist who views only and only for his nation, and seeks to expand their influence all over the world by force through tactics of war and invasion, that lead to many dead and injured. He seeks to unify all cultures as only one, and transform Noxus in the only nation to ever exist on Runeterra.





  • Among players of League of Legends, it is a common joke to note the resemblance between Swain's rework and Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. It is still unknown if his design was based on him, however.
  • Swain's dance is a reference to Fred Astaire's Top Hat dance in the film Top Hat.
  • Swain's theme, Swain, the Noxian Grand General, is based upon the National Anthem of the Soviet Union, and features some melodies of the actual theme.
  • It was unknown which kind of demon Swain possessed until Fiddlestick's rework, where is revealed that Raum was that demon.


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