Lord Astrotrain, what about me?
~ Jero pleading for his life on Astrotrain

Jero is a minor villain from G1 Transformers. He is a religious alien high priest, astrologer and a fanatic who enslaves the planet Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, with an abusive pagan religion and worships "Sky Gods". He appeared in the episode "The God Gambit".

G1 Transformers

Jero ruled the planet Titan with an abusive pagan religion. He enslaves its people to pay high taxes and harvest offerings to the feet of the "Sky Gods". Talaria, a female rebel leader, leads a revolt against his harsh rule by urging her fellow Titans to revolt, shatters the Sky Gods' statue and exposes Jero for using the gods as an excuse for "high taxes and harsh laws". She soon have him and the other priests tied up, while she led the other Titans to a distant place away from the temple.

However, Jero was soon freed along with his fellow priests when the Autobot Cosmos, who was involved in a fight with Decepticons Starscream, Thrust and Astrotrain, crashed into the planet. He uses Cosmos' "descending" as an excuse to regain power while Talaria tries to stop her fellow Titans from believing him. The Decepticons then landed on the planet and discovers this. Starscream tried to take this as an opportunity to become leader but Astrotrain refrains him, suggesting he should pretend to be the Titans' supreme god instead to enslave them. Jero and the other Titans mistook the Decepticons as "Sky Gods" and began worshiping them, with Astrotrain as their "Supreme God". He believed them, became his high priest and followed most of Astrotrain's orders such as turning an unconscious Cosmos into the temple's new idol and forcing Titans to worship the Decepticon transporter and give him offerings.

He soon introduced Astrotrain to a cave full of energy-rich crystals. Astrotrain took fond of the crystals and decided to use it as a new source of energy for the Decepticon cause. He appointed Jero as the overseer of the mine, who then enslaves the Titans to bring the crystals back to the temple.

Later, Jero tries to sacrifice Talaria, who was helping the Autobots free the "idol" Cosmos, to Astrotrain, believing her as a heretic and the Autobots as "Evil Gods". Before he could ever do so, Jazz rescued her and holds off the Decepticons, as well as Jero and his followers before Perceptor and Omega Supreme arrived. Knowing they are no match for the colossal Autobot, Astrotrain shoots the crystals which causes a chain reaction which started to destroy the island where the temple is located. Jero tried to join the Decepticons in escaping the temple, believing he would be spared from the destruction. Astrotrain then pushes him out of the way and abandons him to die in the temple.


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