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Kenneth Kroger is a con man and actor extraordinaire who swindles his victims by posing as a tax collector and agreeing to cut taxes for new home owners. He appears in Racket Squad in Action #7.


Kenneth Kroger is a veteran con artist who, on arrival in a small town, looks up new homeowners and presents himself as a local tax collector, who warns them that the taxes "are gonna be mighty high" unless they can come to an arrangement. Usually, the new home owners agree to the deal, and they later receive phony receipts in the mail. When one homeowner offers him a tip he refuses because "the money l collect goes to the county." He is done in when his latest victim turns out to be the head of the firm that had printed his phony tax receipts. Kroger and his henchman at the town hall are arrested.


  • Racket Squsd in Action #7 at Comics Plus
  • Racket Squad in Action #7 at the Digital Comics Museu
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