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Jerome "The Kid" Johnson is a villain in the original Tomb Raider video game and its remake Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Jerome Johnson was the leader of an unnamed inner-city gang in Los Angeles, California. He and his fellow gang members attempted steal a limousine that belonged to business tycoon Jacqueline Natla. Their attempt turned out to be futile. Natla's bodyguard, Kold Kin Kade, slaughtered Jerome's gang minus himself. He was spared on the behalf of Natla's request. She needed someone from the criminal underworld of Los Angeles and Jerome was her only available resource. Jerome chose to work for Natla in exchange for his life being spared. Since that day, Jerome wants nothing more than to kill Kin Kade for slaughtering his gang.

Jerome accompanies Natla, Kin Kade, and Larson on their trip to Egypt. He helps them capture Lara Croft and strip her weapons. Natla orders her henchmen to kill Lara but she manages to escapes them. She secretly follows them and Natla to a secret island. Jerome is posted as a guard outside the island's pyramid and he is accompanied by Kin Kade. Kin Kade stabs Jerome in the stomach, wanting to kill Lara himself. Mortally wounded, Jerome manages to shoot Kin Kade in the back while he is strangling Lara. Jerome finally takes revenge on Kin Kade for the murder of his gang. Jerome doesn't attempt to shoot Lara. Instead, he dies from his wound.

Original Tomb Raider

Jerome serves a somewhat different role in the original Tomb Raider. He doesn't have a backstory or an actual name. Instead, he is simply referred to as "Skater Kid". He still carries twin Uzis and is still one of Natla's henchmen. In this version of Tomb Raider, he gets along with Kold Kin Kade (who is simply called Bald Man). Unlike Anniversary, he is a child instead of a teenager. Furthermore, he rides a skateboard in this game.

Skater Kid (AKA Jerome Johnson) assists Natla's other henchmen with swiping the Scion artificat from Lara Croft. He attempts to shoot her by using his twin uzis but she manages to escape into a nearby ravine. He then accompanies Natla on a boat ride to a mysterious island. They are followed by Lara Croft who stowed away on Natla's boat. She follows them into the mines of the island.

During Lara's journey through the mines, she encounters Skater Kid in a ramped chamber. He shoots her while riding his skateboard throughout the chamber. Lara fights him back by using her own pistols or a pair of magnum guns. She manages to kill Skater Kid and takes his uzis.


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