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You talk big, but I don't think you got the stones to back it up. (punches Bigby) Still a little sore, are we? Why should Mary get all the fun? You ain't so tough.
~ Jersey challenging Bigby.
Hey Sheriff. Those girls are still dead... and there's nothin' you can do to bring them back. And I don't know what they did, but I do know this... If they're dead, it's cause the Crooked Man wanted them dead. That's all it takes. So you can roar, smash the place up. Sh*t, you can wail on me all you want, but what good is it gonna do ya? 'Cause he ain't in your town. You're in his. And he sure as sh*t is ready for you.
~ Jersey taunting Bigby about Lily and Faith.

The Jersey Devil, sometimes simply referred to as Jersey, is a major antagonist of The Wolf Among Us. He is the malevolent cryptid of legends and a Fable who runs a pawn shop called The Lucky Pawn. He is also one of the Crooked Man's minions and enforcers.

He is voiced by Bobby Vickers.


Episode 4: "In Sheep's Clothing"

At Beauty and Beast's apartment, his pawn shop is mentioned to be one of the Crooked Man's hideaways, as well as the location of the Woodsman's Axe. Jersey is said to be one of the one's who handles the Crooked Man's loans as well. Whether Bigby visits The Lucky Pawn or The Cut Above first, he will go to Jersey's Pawn Shop to investigate.

After interrogating Jack about the Woodsman's axe, Jersey shows up with The Woodsman following him, arguing about the location of his axe. Jersey soon spots Bigby and rudely questions as to what he wants (before dismissing that he doesn't really care). Jersey then continues to mock Bigby about his fight with Bloody Mary, as Jack takes his leave knowing things will soon get violent. Woody sees that his axe was in a display case at the shop but was no longer there, and he violently asks Jersey what he did with it. Frustrated, Woody grabs and threatens Jersey, but the latter punches The Woodsman in retaliation and the two get into a tussle, and Bigby can choose to get in between them or stay silent and watch Jersey knock Woody to the floor.

Regardless of what Bigby does, Jersey provokes him and hits Bigby in the chest, taunting him. A fight soon emerges and Jersey transforms into his devil form to begin fighting the two. While Bigby is able to tear one of Jersey's horns off and impale him with it, Jersey pins the sheriff and gains the upper hand. Woody, having found his axe, strikes Jersey in the head with it and Jersey is immobilised long enough for Bigby to slam him (either with the Headless Horseman's statue or the blacksmith's anvil). Bigby proceeds to interrogate Jersey, and he reveals that The Crooked Man's hideout magically jumps from spot to spot so that even Crane had to use the Magic Mirror. He states that the Magic Mirror's shard was with Crane, who was with Bloody Mary. Bigby takes his leave, but Jersey taunts him about Lily and Faith, and warns him about the Crooked Man's power. Bigby can either hear him out, ignore him and walk out, or kick Jersey to shut him up.

Later on, Bigby finds his way into Crooked Man's hideout, escorted by Tiny Tim. Jersey is there along with the Tweedles (only Dee, if Dum was killed in the previous episode), Georgie Porgie and Vivian. Jersey approaches Bigby, with the intent to attack him but is stopped by his boss, the Crooked Man himself.

Episode 5 "Cry Wolf"

Jersey sits in the meeting with Bigby and the Crooked Man's crew, discussing the murders of Lily and Faith. It is revealed that Georgie is the one killed the women and the Crooked Man offers him to the sheriff in exchange for an alliance. Regardless of what the player does, a fight soon breaks out with him and the Crooked Man's crew. Jersey transforms and attacks Bigby, but he throws him aside and continues to stab Georgie in the abdomen. Jersey grabs a candlestand and attacks Bigby with it, but the sheriff throws him yet again. Bigby can then knock Jersey out with the stand, or he can leave to pursue the Georgie and the Crooked Man. Jersey isn't seen again after this, although it's possible that Bigby tracked him and the Tweedles down and arrested them for their crimes against Fabletown.


Jersey is the rude and snarky owner of his Pawn Shop. He shows to take his business very seriously, and is fully willing to resort to verbal or physical violence if somebody threatens or annoys him.

As the Jersey Devil, he is naturally vicious, violent and psychopathic. He is very sure of himself and his own strength, having no fear of the Big Bad Wolf and even continuing to provoke him after being beaten down. He was also willing to throw Georgie under the bus, and allow Bigby to arrest him in order to save himself. At the same time, he clearly has no problem with disrespecting and insulting the dead, as he mocks Lily and Faith's prostitution and how Bigby couldn't save them.

Despite this, he may not be completely heartless, as Jersey laments Bigby if the player killed Tweedle Dum. Although whether this was out of genuine care towards his fallen ally is unclear.


  • Despite being the Jersey Devil, his true form resembles that of a Wendigo.
  • It is insinuated that the Woodsman's axe is what deprived Jersey of his wings.
  • His human appearance may be inspired by Les Gold from Hardcore Pawn, who is renowned for his toughness and no-nonsense attitude when it comes to his business.
  • In his pawn shop there is a sign that says "Shoplifters will be persecuted to the fullest extent of my imagination", implying that Jersey deals with thieves himself instead of contacting the police.
    • The word 'persecuted' suggests that Jersey doesn't run his business lawfully, which in itself is very likely.


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