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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Chapel from the HBO series. The mainstream version can be found here: Chapel.

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Kill me. Kill ME! Finish it, there's no coming back...
~ Chapel begging Spawn to kill him.
Heh heh, Wynn, you're a beautiful man. You start a war and sell arms to both sides. Whoever wins, you're his new best friend.
~ Chapel to Jason Wynn.

Jess Chapel is the secondary antagonist of the 1997 HBO series, Todd McFarlane's Spawn. He is a former best friend of Al Simmons and soldier turned mercenary, and also the one responsible for killing Simmons.

He is a supporting antagonist in the first season, the secondary antagonist in the first half of the second season, and a minor character in the third and final season of the series.

He was voiced by Ruben Santiago-Hudson.


Like his comic counterpart, he is a large build man with a skull painted on his face in most of his appearances, while wearing military clothing. In his casual outfit, he wears a leather jacket, gloves, boots, and blue jeans.


In the first season, he portrayed as a silent mercenary with no emotions. But in one scene, while engaging in sex with a stripper, he has flashbacks to when he was in the war, crying and apologizing to the hundreds of people he killed. In the second season, he shows more personality, having to regret killing his former best friend. Not accepting that Spawn was Al Simmons, he tries to kill himself and slowly losing his mind.


Early life

Chapel was in a prison in Joliet, Illinois. He is known to be a smoker and womanizer who is skillful in unconventional warfare such as torture. At some point, his superior, Jason Wynn ordered Chapel his best friend, Al Simmons, as he was suspected as a spy. However, this would later turn the deceased soldier into the dangerous vigilante, Spawn.

Season 1

Chapel is first seen at the strip club drinking and watching the strippers. He gets a call from Wynn and goes to the bathroom to talk to him. Wynn tells him about the job tomorrow and grabs one of the strippers, a man takes out a knife and tries to attack Chapel but the latter quickly takes out his knife and cuts off the fingers of the attacker. While Chapel engages in sex with the stripper, he has flashbacks during his time in the war. He begins to cry and apologizes to the hundreds of dead people he killed.

At Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, after Wynn talks to Terry Fitzgerlad about the man who broke into their weapons facility, Wynn turns to Chapel and is frustrated about his missing weapons. He puts the disc in the DVD player and watches Spawn attacking Overkill.

In Twist's home, Chapel kills the women that Twist was sleeping with and Wynn walks in and said he didn't want any witnesses. Wynn wants him to find Spawn and in exchange, he will help protect him from Rome. Wynn gives Twist a package with a head with a note stating that Rome is not happy.

While Terry discusses weapon shipments with Wynn, Chapel hides in the closet since he's not supposed to be in the country. Once Terry leaves, Chapel walks out and asked the man who married Al Simmons' wife, Terry, Wynn orders him to find the missing weapons and focus on the project instead of failing as he did in the incident in South America.

McMillan is taken and dropped off at the wharf where a helicopter files in. Wynn and Chapel step out of the helicopter and tells McMillan that his son is gone another rampage and messing with his plans. Wynn asks him if he sent Billy to kidnap Cyan, McMillan tells him he's innocent. Wynn walks off and knows there's some else and needs to figure out who it is. McMillan tries asking who could it be, Chapel blocks his path, scaring him away.

Season 2

After Wynn finishes a phone call selling guns to both sides of a war, Chapel laughs how Wynn is the only one to himself and questions his orders. Wynn tells Chapel that the fragments of his guns were found in Bowery Alleyways and orders him to get them off the streets as they can be traced back to him.

Later that night, Chapel starts firing at the homeless and goes in a killing spree on the bums. Chapel stops and announces that he's looking for weapons that belong to his boss and wants them back, otherwise, he'll kill them. Chapel takes one of the bums and tortures him for information. Once snapping back to his senses, Spawn approaches Chapel, who laughs and spits on him thinking his cape is a joke. During their battle, Spawn has flashbacks of him and Chapel training together.

Once Chapel realizes that Spawn is Al Simmons, he uses a rocket launcher to blow up where was Spawn was standing. He lights a cigarette and shakes in terror upon what just happened. However, Spawn appears from the shadows and attacks Chapel. Once Chapel tries to commit suicide then fails, he begs Spawn kill him since there's no coming back from what he has done, Spawn refuses and decides to let him live. Chapel starts walking away, crying knowing that that death would have been better.

While he starts to slowly lose his mind and unravel, the police found Chapel and took to the police station. At the station, Sam and Twitch to question him but with no fingerprints or any way of telling who he was, the Police were baffled as to who it was. Sam accidentally stepped on the chains that were holding Chapel, he starts to panic and throws the chair and hitting one of the police officers and telling them he killed Al Simmons.

Season 3

During his investigation, Twitch and Sam go to Chapel for information about the man in the cloak. Chatting about killing the man and came back from the dead, Twitch stopped after hearing Chapel mentioning about a cloak. Once Twitch asked him about a cloak, Chapel jumps up towards him and dropped to his knees. Saying he's going to drag him back to Hell, Twitch asked which Chapel replies "Al Simmons".





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