I have no idea what you're talking about, but allow me to offer the following re-butthole.
~ Jesse

Jesse is a recurring antagonist in the series, Looped. He is your run of the mill, stereotypical school bully. Every Monday, he goes through the routine of pelting Luc and Theo with dodgeballs, shoving them in a wooden box and farting into it, and abusing Lester, another nerd at the school.

His most iconic way of bullying is "fart-boxing", as he calls it. Wherein, he shoves people in a wooden box, outside of the school, traps them in there and either he, or his friend, Toque Kid, farts into a hole, causing the victim to suffer the smell until it finally clears up.


Jesse is the notorious school bully of Port Doover Elementary School. He's known for up beating, fart-boxing, and locker stuffing anybody who even slightly spites him. As widely feared and avoided as he is, Jesse is a selective bully on good terms with some people, such as Sarah, Kelly, Kelli, and Kyle. Being in the popular crowd with them, he's friends with them and will occasionally do their bidding.

Jesse may be violent, abusive, and heartless toward other humans, but when it comes to animals, Jesse becomes a loving and nurturing caretaker, treating them like the delicate little flowers they are. As the die-hard animal lover he is, Jesse refuses to eat meat, giving his farts a very vegetative smell.

Secretly, he works a job at Goulash Burrito, a Mexican restaurant, owned by his Nana. His Nana, whom he calls "Nam Nam", is one of the few people more powerful than he is and she calls the shots and has the power, making him the weakling in their relationship.


Jesse is a large, muscular boy with short, spiky blue hair and black eyebrows. He wears black shirt with a skull on it, blue jeans, and black boots.


Jesse is a loud, obnoxious, rude little brat, who acts like a jerk to everyone. His problems, no matter how minor, are solved by inflicting violence unto whoever caused them. He has no real motives or goals in life. He's just a dumb, reckless jackass, who lives for the present and beats up everyone he doesn't like.


  • He carries on the tradition of Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton's shows, having the same skull on his shirt as the skull on Duncan's shirt from Total Drama, Eric Needles' shirt from Sidekick, and Corey Riffin's hat from Grojband.
  • Although Jesse is hateful and apathetic toward all human beings, he cares a great deal about the lives of animals, so much so, that he is a vegan.
  • Jesse is actually older than 16, but he's still being held back in middle school.