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The battle was fierce, but the Order of the Stone emerged triumphant, saving the land and ensuring that peace and prosperity would reign forever.
~ Jesse reading out of the enchanted book in the Order of the Stone's temple.

Jesse is the main protagonist of the Minecraft: Story Mode series, appearing in both the 2015 videogame Minecraft: Story Mode and its 2017 sequel Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two. He/she is the playable character, and his/her gender and look is chosen by the player. Depending on the player's choices, Jesse can be portrayed as a generally kind, caring, and loyal friend, or as an egotistical, selfish, rude, uncaring and even greedy person who will do anything to get what he/she wants, like the Eversource.

The male version is voiced by Patton Oswalt (who also played Remy in Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille), and the female version is voiced by Catherine Taber (who also played Padmé Amidala in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Penelo in Final Fantasy XII, and Lori Loud in The Loud House).


Jesse's personality depends mostly on the Player's choices. He/she can be a Pure Good at best or an Anti-Villain at worst.

Depending on what the player chooses, Jesse can have a very a defamatory, snarky and rude attitude. He/she can also be harsh and vituperative towards anybody, even his/her friends and his/her own pet pig, Reuben. In Season 1, Episode 5 however, Jesse may grow more selfish and greedy in his/her quest to find the Eversource and can even become more ruthless and aggressive towards anyone who gets in his/her way. Jesse can also show that he/she is also capable of letting others die without showing any remorse.

Jesse can also show no concern for the safety of his/her friends and can accuse someone for a crime with little to no evidence, even if they are innocent. He/she can also argue with his/her friends if they disagree with him/her or question his/her leadership. In Season 2, Jesse can also become more cocky and arrogant, probably due to being the leader of Beacontown. He/she can also be bossy towards Radar, who is only tying to impress Jesse.

In Season 1, Jesse can also be immensely hostile and traitorous towards Lukas and Ivor. He/she may have trouble trusting Lukas and will sometimes get into arguments with him. Jesse also, understandably has trust issues with Ivor, presumably because he created the Wither Storm and scammed Petra on a deal. In Season 2, Jesse can also be harsh towards Jack and even be jealous of him. When he is distressed after seeing the loot of his deceased friend, Jesse can be unsympathetic and merciless for the treasure hunter, showing that he/she can lack any empathy.

Regardless of the player's choices however, Jesse does truly care for his/her friends, even if he/she chooses not to show it, as shown when he/she is visibly upset when Reuben dies, is shocked speechless if Aiden pushes Lukas off the edge of Sky City, is clearly horrified when his/her friends are presumably killed in the White Pumpkin's trap and when Lukas and Petra/Ivor are seemingly killed by Nell, Jesse is enraged and brutally attacks her, not knowing that they respawned.

Also regardless of the player's choices, both Olivia and Axel consider Jesse as their best friend. Olivia mentions in Episode 1 that Jesse takes Reuben with him/her everywhere he/she goes, suggesting a strong bond. In Season Two, regardless of player decisions, the residents of Beacontown seem to genuinely look up to Jesse and respect him/her.



NOTE: This section is for quotes that have been added into the game, and therefore cannot be determined by the player.

Out of my way, chickens!
~ Jesse to some chickens while trying to escape the Wither Storm.
All right, empty your pockets. Let's see what we have to work with.
~ Jesse to the group about how to escape the trap.

Player-determined (Villainous)

I don't know when; I don't know how; but some day, far in the future, when you're least expecting it… we WILL get our revenge. (Aiden: Woah! I thought you were just joking!) Yeah; well, I wasn't.
~ Jesse threatening Aiden.
I say we take whatever we want! (Petra: Jesse, come on.) What, he stole from us! We should be able to steal from him and not feel bad about it!
~ Jesse and Petra regarding stealing from Ivor.
I saw it first… wink! (Axel: Hey, what gives?!?)
~ Jesse stealing the potion and not letting Axel do it.
He froze!
~ Jesse lying about Lukas freezing.
We'll do our best… just take all the time you need to get back on your feet, okay?
~ Jesse not promising Magnus/Ellegard to save the people.
After everything she did, she got what she deserved!
~ Jesse to the rest of the group, refusing to sympathize with Cassie.
No way… I meant exactly what I said! (Petra: Yeah, well, so did I.)
~ Jesse and Petra arguing about their decisions.
Out of our way, you big lugs! We've got business with your bosses. (Clutch: That's some tough talk for someone so puny!) (Facemeat: Yeah!)
~ Jesse insulting the Gladiators.
Goodbye, Romeo.
~ Jesse leaving Romeo behind in the Terminal Space.



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