We kinda got a situation at the lab... oh, it just got WORSE!!
~ Jesse informing his boss about Judy and Nick's interference.

Jesse is one of the supporting antagonists of Disney's 55th animated feature Zootopia. He is a one-eyed ram who works for Bellwether alongside Doug and Woolter.

He was voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voiced Bender in the Futurama animated TV show.

Role in the film

Jesse and Woolter arrive at Doug's lab-converted subway car to deliver a latte to Doug. Just as Doug demands to know if the latte has extra foam, Judy Hopps suddenly pushes Doug out of the train car, locking the three rams outside. Jesse then proceeds to call their boss on his phone, explaining the situation.

Upon realizing Judy and Nick Wilde are stealing the train car, he and Woolter give chase to the moving train car and Jesse manages to break through the front window, but gets stuck halfway through. As Jesse attempts to grab Judy, Nick tries to push the ram away, but gets knocked back. Then, Jesse is knocked off of the train by Woolter after the latter charges through a door that was quickly opened by Nick and runs on the tracks, begging Judy and Nick to stop the train (to no avail).

Jesse jumps to the side against a wall to avoid getting run over and gets the wool on his belly sheared off by the force of the train brushing up against him, much to his complete horror. It is completely unknown what became of Jesse afterwards, but it is likely that he was arrested by the ZPD after Bellwether's plot was exposed, though it could be possible that he could have also flee from Zootopia before that could happen.



  • Jesse's name is a reference to the character Jesse Pinkman portrayed by Aaron Paul in the crime drama series Breaking Bad. His eye patch may also be a reference to the fact that Pinkman got a swollen eye after being beaten.


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