You need to live so that you can kill that son of a bitch. NOW GO!
~ Jesse Kane's last words to Black Manta before committing suicide.

Jesse Kane is a minor but pivotal antagonist in the 2018 epic superhero film Aquaman. He is the leader of a group of undersea hijackers who were hired by Ocean Master to hijack a submarine. He is also Black Manta's father.

He was portrayed by Michael Beach, who also played Devil Ray in Justice League Unlimited.


Jesse Kane was a pirate with his son, David Kane, who helped him steal a military stealth sub. At some point, they were hired by King Orm Marius to take over a Russian nuclear submarine in order to help him in his cause to unite the kingdoms of Atlantis and declare war on the surface world. As they were celebrating their apparent victory, Jesse presented his son with a special knife; initially, David viewed it as a piece of junk, until Jesse told him it belonged to his grandfather, who fought in World War II as one of the "Frogmen" (Scuba divers who went into battle underneath the seas) and was code-named "Manta". However, Aquaman brings the submarine up to the surface, invades the submarine, and he engages Jesse's crew and David. When his son was starting to lose against Aquaman, Jesse shot a rocket at Aquaman, but he was able to withstand it. Jesse shot him with another rocket, but he deflected the rocket on a torpedo which toppled over him, and the submarine started to flood with water. David begs Aquaman to help him and his father, but Aquaman refuses because they killed innocent people and should not expect any mercy for their crimes. David tries to save his father, but Jesse tells him to get off the submarine, so he could one day find Aquaman and kill him. David flees the submarine and starts to bear a deep hatred for Aquaman, while Jesse pulls out a hand grenade, while trapped underwater, and commits suicide by blowing it up.



  • Manta † - Grandfather
  • Unnamed Wife
  • Black Manta - Son



  • Aquaman - Indirect Killer



  • In the comics, Aquaman killed Black Manta's father by accident, thinking Black Manta had killed Thomas Curry when in reality, his father had died from a heart attack.


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