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Rule number one: Uninvited DICKHEADS get a goddamn bullet in their rude little peabrains.
~ Jessica Priest.

Jessica Priest is the right-hand assassin of Jason Wynn and a major antagonist turned anti-heroine from the Spawn comic series.


Jessica appears in the comics where she is revealed to have been married and has a stepson and stepdaughter she was revealed to be Al's true killer and later fights him but later escapes. She later appears in the curse of Spawn which expands on her origins. She returns in 298 where she is seen chatting with Nyx about Al's live broadcast and now all of the forces of Heaven and Hell are people who have known Al Simmons. As of Spawn issue 300, Jessica Priest had become the second She-Spawn.

Film adaptation

Main article: Jessica Priest (1997 Film)

She was Jason Wynn's best assassin, second only to Al Simmons. Unlike Al, she was a bit more cold-blooded and was more loyal to Wynn. After Al Simmons decided that life wasn't for him and would rather spend his time with Wanda, Jason set up Al. He sent him on a mission, a mission in which Jason and Jessica trapped him in. They shot him, beat him up, and set him on fire, killing him. He spent five years in Hell.

Meantime, Jessica did more jobs for Jason and was his new number one assassin. She quickly rose up in the ranks. Though shortly after, Al was resurrected and renamed Spawn and he killed Jessica Priest at a party Jason Wynn threw for his fellow conspirators.

Videos Games

She appears as a boss in Game Boy Color of Spawn and Spawn: In the Demon's Hand as a playable character.





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