Jessie (My Name Is Earl)


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This isn't about you. This is about respect for the law... And me knockin' that bitch's teeth out for resisting.
~ Jessie to Earl while pursuing Joy Turner.

Jessie was a former girlfriend of Earl Hickey whom he dumped to marry Joy Darville, and also she is Joy's sworn enemy.

She was portrayed by Juliette Lewis.


Before Season 1

Earl went out with Jessie for three weeks, and they had a good relationship. However, Joy got Earl drunk and married him so she would have someone to help support her baby ("The Bounty Hunter").

Season 1

Jessie came to find Joy after she discovered she was wanted for not appearing court. She tracked Joy down and chased her to a forest where she was hiding with Earl. Joy and Jessie had a fight, resulting in Joy winning. She and Earl left Jessie in the forest.

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