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Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
~ Jessie's famous quote.

Jessie (in Japanese: ムサシ, Musashi) of Team Rocket is one of the main antagonists in the Pokémon anime.

Her goal is to capture Pokémon and use them to rule the world. But she is thwarted by Ash and his friends. She is currently in Alola, planning to kidnap Ash's Pokémon again along with her partners James and Meowth, as well as kidnap Mallow, Lana, Lillie, Sophocles and Kiawe's Pokémon. They no longer blast off as they fly with jetpacks on their backs. After their adventures in Unova, she is reverted into her old self, possibly by fan insults. In Alola, they are no longer blasting off as they are always carried by a wild Bewear.

In the English dubbed version, she was originally voiced by Rachael Lillis and is currently voiced by Michele Knotz. In the original Japanese version, she was voiced by Megumi Hayashibara and, temporarily, by Akiko Hiramatsu.


Despite being an extremely nasty, churlish, and ill-tempered person, at times even bullying her own Pokémon, Jessie has been through alot of horrible and terrible things that made her the person that she is.

As a child, Jessie lived a poor life and it never really improved, she lived with her mother Miyamoto, who also was a member of Team Rocket, Miyamoto died one day when she was out on a mission with Team Rocket on catching Mew, but she didn't die from Mew, but because of an avalanche. One of the things Jessie liked was Miyamoto's sushi, Miyamoto had a special ingredient in her Sushi, which was snow, so Jessie during this age liked eating snow, sometimes Jessie would even go out just to make one of her mom's old recipes.

Jessie is shown to have an understandable hatred for the Pokémon Jynx, who supposedly stole her favorite doll when she was little. This also mistakenly caused her to believe that Santa Claus was a Jynx. Later in the episode, however, it is shown that Jynx took the doll so that Santa could fix it for her, but unfortunately, by the time Santa was ready to return the doll, Jessie no longer believed in Santa, which made it impossible for Santa to travel to Jessie, and she never got the doll back.

Jessie was very unsuccessful in education, she wanted to become a nurse at first, but this dream shattered when the school she was going to wasn't intended for humans, but only for Chansey that wanted to become nurses, after this event, she instead went to Team Rocket. In school, she got the worst grades the school had ever gotten, and after this, she joined a gang. After all this, she started participating in a dance school, though when doing this, she decided to leave one of her few lovers who actually were seemingly nice to her, she has stated that her love life never was that good, and a lot of people have been unfair and iniquitous to her and even going as far as to abandon her. Even though this, she, along with her friends that also followed her on going to the dance school, didn't impress the judges at all, and she once again failed. After this, she got strongly regretted the fact that she left her lover.


As a member of Team Rocket, Jessie is uncaring and cruel toward people and Pokemon. She only cares is promotion with James and Meowth. She is ignorant of capture Pokemon including Ash's Pikachu and is defeated by sending flying to space. She has a rivalry between her and Cassidy due to Cassidy's superiority to Jessie of being a loser due to her low rank and failure of capturing Pokemon. She has good term with James and Meowth. Despite of Giovanni look down on her and her partners due to their failures, she is still loyal and do whatever means to ensure promotion. Jessie is interest of Pokemon Contests and Performer to ensure to win ribbons and princess' keys.

Jessie has hostility of the other evil organizations such Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, Team Plasma, Team Flare and Team Skull and Pokemon poachers or hunters such as Pokemon Hunter J because it is Team Rocket's job to steal Pokemon.


On Hand

  • Wobbuffet: She got this Pokémon from an accidental trade from her Lickitung. As a gag, it likes to pop out of its Poké Ball and say its name. Jessie got Wobbuffet back in the series finale of Pokémon: Best Wishes.
  • Mimikyu: This Pokémon was encountered by Team Rocket in the Alola Region in the third episode of the Sun and Moon anime. After realizing that Mimikyu dresses up like Pikachu because of its hatred of it, Jessie decided to catch it. In the fourth episode, she tried using multiple Poké Balls to catch it, but no avail. She then snagged James' limited edition Luxury Ball and successfully caught Mimikyu with it. Since then, Mimikyu has been Jessie's main battling Pokémon in Alola.

At Headquarters

  • Seviper: She got this Pokémon when it was eating a riceball that fell out of Jessie's hand in "A Tail with a Twist". The riceball (as well as Jessie's hair) got eaten, which made her mad and caused her to beat it up, enabling her to catch it.
  • Yanma/Yanmega: She got Yanmega as a Yanma after interfering a kid named Tyler's capture of one in the Diamond & Pearl episode "The Thief that keeps on Thieving". While battling Ash's Chimchar and using Ancient Power on it, it evolved into a Yanmega, but later got defeated by Ash's Buizel. It was later confirmed that Jesse's Yanmega is a female.
  • Woobat: She caught the Pokémon from a cave swarming with them offscreen and she used him to attack Pikachu and Axew. He knows Air Slash and Gust.
  • Frillish: She caught a female Frillish while going back to Unova. She knows Bubblebeam, Shadow Ball, Mist, and Psychic.
  • Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist: She got Pumpkaboo in the episode "A Bamboozling Forest". While James, Meowth and Jessie were lost in the forest, Jessie trips on one of Pumpkaboo's horns. She then tosses a Poké Ball at Pumpkaboo, easily catching her. In "The Gourgeist Festival: Goodbye Pumpkaboo?", she is confirmed to be a Super Size Pumpkaboo in comparison to the Count's Small Size Pumpkaboo, who developed a crush on her. Because of this, Jessie temporarily traded her Pumpkaboo for a Mawile that can Mega Evolve. She then evolved into a Gourgeist as a result of the trade, but this also made the Count's Pumpkaboo less interested in her newly evolved form. Because of this, the trade was called off and Gourgeist was traded back to Jessie.


  • Ekans/Arbok: She got Arbok as an Ekans. She got Ekans as a Birthday present and it was used to battle against Ash and his friends, until it evolved into Arbok in the episode "Dig Those Diglett", since then becoming Jessie's powerhouse, until it was released in the episode "A Poached Ego" in order to protect a group of Ekans.
  • Wurmple/Cascoon/Dustox: She got the female Dustox as a Wurmple by easily catching her with a Poké Ball while the trio were hanging on to a tree branch. It later evolved into a Cascoon at the same time as May's Wurmple evolved into Silcoon. It later evolved into Dustox while enduring May's Beautifly's Gust attack. She did not get upset that her Cascoon evolved into Dustox instead of a Beautifly (even though Cascoon does not evolve into it in the Pokemon media), and decided to use it for taking on Ash and friends or to win competitions, until she sadly released her in "Crossing Paths" in order to breed with a shiny male Dustox.

Traded Away

  • Lickitung: She accidentally caught the Pokémon when it swallowed her Poké-Ball, causing it to be caught in the process. This made Lickitung as one of Jessie's powerhouses, until it got accidentally traded for Benny's Wobbuffet in "Tricks of the Trade".


  • Magikarp: Jessie was fooled by the Magikarp salesman into buying a Magikarp cleverly disguised as a Feebas which she planned to evolve into a Milotic, though Jessie let it go after knowing the truth.
  • Shellder: Jessie temporarily caught a Shellder and used it to try and clamp onto Slowpoke's tail and evolve it into Slowbro. It was successful, though Slowbro forgot it was working with Team Rocket and turned against them.
  • Charizard: In "Grating Spaces", the Team Rocket scout's Delibird temporarily gave Jessie and James a Charizard and an Aggron, until Delibird revealed that the two Pokémon were meant for Cassidy and Butch. Delibird took the two Poke-Balls and flew off.
  • Mawile: In "The Gourgeist Festival: Goodbye Pumpkaboo?", the Count temporarily trades his Mawile for Jessie's Pumpkaboo. However, after Jessie's Pumpkaboo evolves into Gourgeist, the Count's Pumpkaboo loses interest in her and they trade back their respective Pokémon.


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