Jester is a minor antagonist in the SteamWorld series, as a DLC miniboss in Steamworld Heist.


SteamWorld Heist

The Jester was Chop Sue's first burn, however being picked on by a bunch of cousin's, he took a few Steambots that volunteered to become Scrappers and went to Outer Space so he could plan a way to become a King.

The Jester also appears after purchasing the Outsider DLC, where Piper and her crew boarded a Scrapper ship in the outer reaches of space and fought against the Scrappers. They later met up with the Jester and fought him until he was defeated.

Powers and Abilities

The Jester has the ability to teleport and can create more versions of himself with illusions. He is also a marksman with his gun, same goes for his illusions.


  • The Jester, Ace, Copperback and Captain Canary are the only enemies that show a difference, apart from the bosses, to the other enemies they afflict too.
    • Although this could be due to the fact that the Jester is a DLC character.


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