The Jester is part of the ensemble of characters from the mystery RPG game Town of Salem. While the Jester is one of the more docile antagonists in the game, but it can cause a lot of trouble for either side of the game, as it often causes additional confusion to the game's storyline, which often causes innocent people to be framed and killed. The jester's ability to kill someone the night after his death can also cause a major turning point in the game, even breaking stalemates.


The Jester's goal is to get the town to believe that he is one of the murderers, and vote to execute him. This can be achieved a number of ways, although the most common way is to deliberately give contradictory accounts of their movements, which is usually enough to merit a lynching. Once the Jester is executed, it's ghost will return the following night to take the soul of one of the people who lynched it, hypnotizing them into committing suicide out of guilt. However, if the Jester is murdered at night, he will immediately lose the game.

Winning Conditions

The Jester must trick to lynch himself to win the game. If the Jester murdered in the night or survived until the ending, they will lose.

Killing Conditions

The Jester can kill a person who votes the guilty or abstains. But they can't kill the Pestilence in no way.

The Jester has no defense, so all people that can attack can kill them.

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: Sheriff will get the result the Jester is not suspicious.
  • Investigator: The Investigator will get the result "Your target could be a FramerVampire, Jester or Hex Master.
  • Consigliere: The Consigliere will get the result "Your target wants to be lynched. They must be a Jester."


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Jester;

  • Joker: Win 1 game.
  • Trickster: Win 5 games.
  • Suicidal: Win 10 games.
  • Lunatic: Win 25 games.
  • Arsonist's Evil Spirit: Haunt an Arsonist.
  • Godfather's Phantom: Haunt the Godfather.
  • Serial Killer's Specter: Haunt a Serial Killer.


A scarring past is how the jester became to be, born in the town of Salem. Once the jester became an adult, the jester was sent away from being conscripted as a soldier to fight in a bloody war. After years in the battlefield, the sight of his fellow soldiers dying, and along with the war experience had left him paranoid. The jester’s paranoia never went away and remained with him for years after when he was sent back to his hometown, Salem. Everyday, the jester experienced his traumatic memories of the battlefield, and twisted envisions that everyone in town is out to kill him. The memories of the traumatic experience and the fear that comes with it, makes it hard for the jester to bear to live, and would rather accept to be killed and be liberated from himself, than to live with his paranoia, making him become a target wanting to be lynched.
~ The Summer Solstice writing event provides a backstory for the Jester.



  • The Jester was ranked the third most liked character in the game.
    • Ironically, it was also ranked the fourth hated character, behind the Arsonist, Framer, and Medium respectively.


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