Jestro the Jester


Jestro is the (former) secondary antagonist of LEGO Nexo Knights. He is an evil jester who works for King Halbert, but is cursed with clumsiness that made him incapable of doing anything good. That is until he stumbles upon the Book of Monsters whom promised him vengeance in return of becoming his servant/apprentice.

He was voiced by Vincent Tong, who also played Mephisto.


Prior to his corruption, Jestro is an insecure and ambivalent jester who tries his best to impressed everyone and lived through most of his life with constant self-esteem issues as result of becoming the laughstocking of Knighton. His determination to be better than he now was evident, but Jestro's clumsiness usually proved his efforts to be futile no matter how hard he tried. Unfortunately, something worse happened in his final performance, where he caused total blackout on the whole kingdom in which the ensuing incident releases Book of Monsters from its prison.

Though he initially supported by Clay, Jestro (whom fed up with his constant humiliation) eventually chooses to turned to the dark side by siding with Book of Monsters and becoming its apprentice. He does at first, shown hestitance to become evil until it is revealed that he had darker destiny, where he found newfound talent to become a villain both after his disillusionment with his past humiliations and corruption with Book of Evil. Surprisingly, as a villain, Jestro proved to be more competent and manipulative on anything where he also become confident to the point of arrogance, everything that he lacks before becoming evil.

Powers and Abilities

  • Monster Summoning and Control: With a staff and Book of Monster's pages, Jestro can summon and control magma/fire based monsters to do his bidding.



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