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Jesus Hitler "H." Christ of Nazerath is a major recurring villain from the FOX animated sit-com, Family Guy. He is the son of God and the holy figure of Christianity.

In earlier episodes, he was voiced by Seth MacFarlane and in later episodes by writer and voice actor Alec Sulkin.

Villainous Acts

  • In "I Dream of Jesus", Jesus became famous, thanks to Peter, but he let the fame go to his head and he became an egotistical, thankless jerk, who blew off Peter to throw some wild parties and hang out with some hoes. Jesus eventually did a bit too much coke and broke into Mary Kate Olsen's house, where he O.D.ed and was arrested the following day. Jesus made his one phone call to Peter, who initially refused to let him out before Jesus used his godly telekinetic powers to smash a vase against his head, forcing Peter to bail him out. Jesus felt remorse for the way he acted and decided he'd leave and come back in another thousand years when he was wiser and a bit more mature.
  • In "April in Quahog", Jesus went to Mort's house during the apocalypse and told him he was going to Hell for not believing in him as he walked away, flipping him off.
  • In "The 2000-Year-Old Virgin", Jesus visited Peter during the Christmas season and lied about being a virgin to trick him into giving him his blessing to have sex with Lois. Later, a guy told Peter that Jesus was no virgin as last Christmas, Jesus told him the same story just as a ploy to sleep with his wife. Another guy chimed in to say that Jesus did the same joke the Christmas before that and a third guy also joined the conversation to say the same thing happened to him the Christmas before that and the Christmas before that to his other friend. When Peter found out that Jesus was tricking him and went to stop him before anything happened but Jesus still got away with it because he made up a lie, saying that he did this as a way of testing their faithfulness to each other and that both of them passed the test. Peter and Lois fell for it and Jesus got away high and dry, albeit it is also worth mentioning that he got away dry.
  • In "You Can't Handle the Booth", Jesus suddenly went on a violent, murderous rampage, where he grew demon wings, developed red glowing eyes, and started breathing fire all over the churchgoers at the church he was in. Jesus burned a bunch of people up in flames, destroyed church property, and blew the entire Holy Christ Church to smithereens, killing dozens of people and injuring many more. The Griffin Family, who were among the few survivors of the incident, were approached by Jesus later, who apologized for his violent act of terrorism and said that the reason he did what he did was that his girlfriend broke up with him and took his dog with her and on top of that, he skipped breakfast. Jesus followed this by asking for forgiveness, and Chris said that because he was Jesus Christ, they were obligated to forgive him, even though he didn't deserve it. Lastly, Jesus asked if he could crash in The Griffins' garage for a few days. Chris noted that this was a reason why you should never go to church.



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