Jetter Martin is a one-shot antagonist from the Woody Woodpecker Show, appearing in the episode Ozark Lark.

He was voiced by the late Dallas McKennon.


Jetter Martin is a hillbilly who lives a peaceful life alone on his cabin in the Ozark Hills, and the last survivor of the feud between the Martin and Coy families, which ended after Jetter killed his rival Clem Coy. Believing the Coy were gone for good, Jetter made a memorial for his rival on his old cabin, leaving his belongings there for public view.

While on a stroll, Woody comes upon Coy's cabin and decides to take a look inside. He accidentally makes Coy's old gun shoot, startling Jetter. Mistakenly believing Woody was a Coy, he immediately decides to resume their feud, pursuing Woody and attempting to shoot him down, but Woody pranks him by making him shoot himself and giving him a skunk. Later on Woody discovers the cabins are close to a firing range from the army, so he changes the arrow sign pointing to the range and paints a huge target on Martin's cabin, tricking the army into shooing it. With his cabin shot down, Jetter sees the army tanks (believing they are the "new" Coy) and immediately surrenders, but as Woody gives him the peace treaty he pranks him with a fountain pen, prompting the feud to start all over again as the two shoot at each other.


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