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Steven James McDonald - come on down!
~ Jez Quigley's sinister quote to Steve McDonald as he relishes in terrorizing the latter.

Jez Quigley is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He first appeared as a minor character in 1997 before becoming an unseen character in 1998 and then appearing as the main antagonist from December 1999 up towards September 2000.

He was portrayed by Lee Boardman.


Jez first appeared in June 1997 when Steve McDonald approached him for a job, however was turned down. Off-screen, Jez murdered Tony Horrocks in February 1999, and buried it in a building site. The body would not be discovered for another year.

Jez resurfaced in December 1999 when he supplied Leanne Battersby with cocaine. He sent thugs to break into the pub the Rovers Return Inn where she worked in order to steal cash, but Leanne began fighting the thugs and demanding them to get out. This cost her when she was badly beaten. She later left Weatherfield to get away from him.

Jez became enemies with Steve, who had borrowed money from Jez to set up his cab company Street Cars. When Tony's body was found Steve testified against Jez in court, however he was released due to lack of evidence and Jez looked for revenge. He lured Steve to a car parking lot where he had him badly beaten and nearly killed. Steve was hospitalised and his vengeful father Jim McDonald got Jez's name from Steve. Jez and confronted at his flat by Jim, and despite trying to fend him off the larger and stronger Jim overpowered Jez and beat him, putting him in hospital. In a last ditch effort at revenge, Jez tried to murder Steve in his hospital cubicle, but his spleen ruptured and Jez died.

Jim was sentenced to 8 years in prison for manslaughter. He was released after 7 years for good behavior in 2007.



  • Lee Boardman (the actor who played Jez Quigley) was nominated for some awards for his character's performance and reign of terror storyline.